Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A new shade of blue.....

Many of you know that we are a military family of 10 years now. Well our shade of military is blue, that is Air Force blue.

Zeus has been active duty enlisted for 10 years. During this time he has been working feverishly to get his college degree. In 2004 he graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. Let me tell you what a huge relief this was to me after long nights of "computer hubby." I was so greatful that he was finally done. We treated ourselves and the 3 kids to a trip to Tampa and Orlando for a nice family vacation. Well, soon after this Hubby enrolled into the Masters program. I was supportive, not delighted, but felt I needed to support his desire to get a higher education. This was a family ordeal. Zeus will never be able to say he did it alone. No way, Twinkle, held down the fort and kept meals coming, children clothed, homework completed. This was no easy task. Very long lonely nights. Lots of "computer hubby" and lots of jealousness of that computer. But we all managed to stay one big happy family. Then come November 2008 Zeus had done it, completed that degree in Informations Systems. Praise God!!! Whew, this sparked a long drawn out decision to put together a package to submit to the 09OT02 non-rated officer board. A lot of work from his education counselor and lots of footwork on his part. Package was completed in early Jan. and ready for the Feb. board.

This was going to be a long wait after finding out that the results would not be released until Mar. 30. Oh boy, what a wait it would be. Lots of concerned friends and family asking often if we had heard anything. I am greatful to them for thinking of us and supporting us but irritated that I had to tell everyone "Nope, not yet, but soon." So soon finally came last week. After waking up after a rough night with Ziggy I recieved the call from Zeus who was TDY in France. He says I made it. I was selected and I got the job I wanted. WHOOOO HOOOO!!! Amazingly Happy wife. Zeus' dream had finally arrived. I have to give glory to God for opening another door in our lives here. I thank him for the patience I had been given and I have to thank him for the great opportunity to add another place to the Haskins adventures. So, we will soon find out the date at which Zeus will go to OTS, 13 1/2 week long basic training to become the coveted officer, 2nd LT.

I am extremely proud of Zeus and his accomplishments and I think this is a great reward. God is awesome!!! In good and bad he always knows where we need to go and how we need to get there, even the exact timing . I am so thankful and greatful to him. This is a huge reward we most definitely do not deserve but will gladly accept. I pray Zeus can take this new opportunity and stand his ground and change the "political side of officers" to the " true hard working bosses and mentors that they were meant to be."

Congratulations Zeus, I am proud of you as are so many others.


Charisse said...


Congratulations Twinkle for the struggles that you have survived while supporting the man that you love and caring for the family that you two have created together.

Now that he has the dream job and everything....does he know where he will be stationed?

Toby E. said...

Congtatulations!!! And prayers for the next steps for all of you!!!

Cozyquilter.mom said...

What Thrilling New. Way to Go Zeus and Twinkle, you deserve this more than anyone I know

..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

This is such wonderful news! Congratulations to you both! You must be so very proud of him :)

My husband is in the middle of school for his engineering degree. I know all about "computer hubby". (*groan*) It's so nice to read about a family that has successfully made it through to the other side. Gives me renewed perspective that it'll all be worth it one day!