Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just when you think..........

Yesterday started out as a very good day. I was in a good mood and had a great attitude. I was anxiously awaiting some news(I will blog later on this) and tried to get some things done around the house and some boxes taped and packaged up for shipment. My good friend showed up to have dinner with us and watch the kids while I went to play/coach an intramural volleyball game. All was going great. I fed all the babies chocolate chip Ice cream and sat on the couch and listened while Zulu read "The Berenstains Bears B book" and I read a new Wow, Wow, Wubzy book to all the kids after Zulus great reading. Then they were off to bed. Ziggy and Omega wanted to sleep together in Omegas bed, which is a top bunk of bunk beds. I said what the heck go for it. That's when it all happened.

At about 11:05pm while on the phone with my Mother in Law I heard a thud upstairs and 2 minutes later as I worked my way up the stairs I saw Ziggy standing there screaming with blood pouring down his head. Lovely, I told the MIL I would have to call her back. After dabbing the blood in the kitchen and looking at the wound that was in the middle of his forehead I thought I should call a friend or neighbor to come look at it for a second opinion. S came right over and verified that she thought he probably needed to go to the ER as well. She made a quick call to her MIL who, BTW, is a nurse and said that I should take him in as well. She helped me get him bundled with fresh pull-up and buckled into his car seat. Off to the ER we went while S stayed with the sleeping big kids. An episode of vomiting occurred sealing my decision to take him. Got all the fine paperwork filled out and little Ziggy finally couldn't fit his tiredness anymore. The doc decided that the cut was in need of a little glue. While the nurse cleaned out the wound and put on the glue she said it should burn and sting a little. Well, Ziggy did not move a muscle. HMMMMM, Drs did not like this because that should have made him very uncomfortable. He slept right through it. They decided a CT scan needed to be done on him to ensure no internal bleeding or concussion. During all the movement and jarring Ziggy never woke up. He slept through virtually the entire visit. WEIRD!!!

All the scans were negative or clean and we were set to go home. Thank you Dear Lord. I knew the good Lord was watching over me to be as calm as I was and that my thinking was not skewed by the fact that it was 2 o clock in the morning. Ziggy got home and I put him in bed with me where he would sleep all night long laying on my right shoulder. He is awake and happy this morning like nothing happened. Another shout out to God. Thank you for making this pretty easy. Here are a few pictures of Ziggy in the ER sound asleep. Just when you think it is all going well, God opens your eyes real quick to remind he is still in charge. Lets hope that the next 3 weeks Zeus is gone are not as eventful. Thanks for all the prayers and calls this morning.


Charisse said...

Poor Poor Baby! But thank GOD for friends and neighbors who can help us out. I remember my good friend's daughter rolled off the bed at a very young age and she came banging on my door with this screaming little thing at 3 something in the morning. I was just glad to be able to keep her calm and help her make her way through it. I am happy to hear that he only needed a little glue and not some ugly stitches. And doubly happy that there was nothing SERIOUSLY wrong with him other than a nasty gash!!!!

Toby E. said...

Oh goodness! I remember falling off a top bunk when I was little too. But nothing as serious as that arrived from it.
So, so, so glad he's ok!!! Hate that his not waking up scared everyone, but glad he was able to sleep though some rough stuff.
And so glad you have wonderful neighbors!
Hope you all get some rest today!

Leslie said...

Praise GOD your little one is ok! How scary!! He is precious! YOU Must have been petrified! I remember something similar happened when my little one was a baby! I was just scared outta my whits! God was watching over him!!!
God is ALWAYS GOOD!!!!
You and Ziggy will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery!!!