Monday, April 27, 2009

I'mmmmmmmm Back!!!

I know you missed me didn't you. Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! I have been the busiest little star you have ever seen. So last week on Tuesday my wonderful hubby came home late afternoon from his 30 day long business trip. The very same night his parents flew into town for a visit. Zeus, my darling husband had planned to quick getaway vacation for all of us the very next day, Wednesday. He knew he would need a break when he returned from overseas. So the few days prior to everyone getting here I was frantically purchasing, packing and planning for our 3 day vacation and party. Once everyone got in, it was just pure chaos. And I don't say this lightly. The kids had not seen their dad in a month and it had been almost a year since they had seen their grandparents. You can just imagine the joy on their faces and all the words they felt they needed to express, not including the joy I needed to express too. We were all looking forward to getting away, especially me since I had been playing supermom the past 4 1/2 weeks. I was ready to share the duties and responsibilities for a change. Not that I don't enjoy my babies and being their mother but sometimes you just want to lean on someone else and not have to schedule it. You get my drift.

We got loaded and the guys decided to change the oil in both cars which turned out to be a huge fiasco. Dad spilled the oil on the driveway, not just a little, he spilled gallons. YUCK!!! That was a little set back because it had to be cleaned up and scrubbed before we left. This put us an hour or so back. In the meantime the weather decided it wanted to play games too. Deciding to pour down every time we tried to load. Once we got on the road we had to go downtown D.C. and get the beautiful babies from school. I was driving one car with Mom and Zeus was in the other car with Dad. My car just happens to start smoking and overheating just as we got into the downtown area. Oh boy, this is a bad omen or something. I am completely irritated and ready to throw my hands up and say, I'm done. We figure out oil was spilled on the engine block and that the engine coolant was very low. Great!!! I had to find a gas station in downtown and buy some coolant. Oh yeah, this added another good hour to the trip as well once we got the concentrated coolant mixed. Ewww we!!! We finally got on the road and were headed to Virginia Beach in the pouring down rain. We had a great trip down and the kids were thrilled to see our log cabin. It was totally fantastic. It was everyones' first time to stay in a real log cabin. OH what a fabulous experience. Oh, did I mention you can hear everything with those paper thin walls. Every single footstep and all things accomplished in the bathroom. Oh boy, good thing we were all family. We took the kids to the beach on Thursday and flew kites and built sand castles and a couple of them got in the water. The water was ice cold but the sun was brightly shining and it was quite warm outside. After a great day we took the kids and parents back to eat dinner at the cabin while Zeus and I took a short 2 hour date to walk the boardwalk and do a little shopping on the waterfront. It really was nice to walk hand in hand together after being apart so long. I enjoyed being out and about with him without keeping up with the kids or having to entertain the parents. You forget how important it is to do these simple things together to reestablish that connection.

Then on Friday we took all the family to the Yorktown battle fields and museum. It was really impressive to see where we as a nation have come and the unique events that came about that created our United States. We walked around for a while and the kids spotted a real Submarine out in the water off the coast. That was really something to see. We knew there was a amphibious base nearby so that just added to our delight of the day. Once we were finished there we headed up to the Williamsburg Busch gardens. The weather was absolutely spectacular. We could not have asked for a better day. We rode tons of rides. The 2 dads rode all the roller coasters at the park, they even got Zulu and Omega to ride a roller coaster. That was their first adult roller coaster. I was definitely the proud mama handing out high fives as they ran down the exit ramp. The day was perfect. We all got to ride the rides we wanted. We never waited in line longer than 10 minutes and we made it around the entire park. All in all the fun we had was just what we needed. It was more than a quick vacation, it was a reconnection, jump out of normal life. It was a fabulous getaway. I was very thankful Zeus convinced me to go and that it would be fun. The very next day we got back we had a busy Saturday planned with little league baseball pictures with both Zeus and my teams. Then we had to get ready for the surprise selection party for Zeus. He had no idea and let me tell you it was not easy getting him to leave the house for more than an hour. He managed to help Dad take the kids to the sand park and play a game of hoops. Once he managed to get back he was totally stunned to see everyone eagerly waiting to wish him congratulations on his selection to OTS. We had a blast. I must tell you my friends are just awesome. They all managed to come and take time out of their schedule to wish Zeus congratulations. It was completely wonderful to have so much support. I love you guys. Thanks so much. So that brings us to Sunday. I slept in while Nana made pancakes for the babies. Zero wanted so badly to take the Grandparents to the famous Ben's Chili Bowl here in D.C. So we all loaded vehicles and off we went. Zero was so proud that she could share this landmark and famous restaurant with her family. She was all smiles. It really was special to her and I am glad we could make those memories for her. We made it back home and just laid back for the rest of the evening. Zeus and Dad got in a couple of games of tennis too. Then this morning Nana and Grandpa had to get back on an airplane and head back to Washington State. Zeus had the day off today so we tried to get caught up on laundry and run a few errands. We had a wonderful visit with the Grandparents and a great return with Zeus. Sweet Zeus even brought me a Caramel apple spice from Starbucks today after his trip to the airport. We had t-ball practice tonight for an hour and then went straight to my volleyball game.

Now things are right back to normal. Zeus is back to work tomorrow and I am back to mothering and doing the daily chores. Oh how fabulous our lives are here in the Haskins House.


Charisse said...

WOW! It sounds like you guys had some much needed and much appreciated and much loved time together. It is always nice to see family especially when we are so far from then in our normal day to day lives. I have a weekend trip home planned for Memorial Day and I am so excited. I just can not wait to get home and visit friends and family.

AND OH YEAH...I can't remember if I expressed my congrats to Zeus or not, but...GOOD JOB AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

One more thing....Zero is a very beautiful young woman and is really looking like her momma.