Thursday, April 30, 2009

I never liked Supermodels until today

I have really never liked the idea of supermodels. I despise the idea of making women feel they have to be 95 pounds and blond to be worthy of attention. I was never that small and will never be that small. God has given me the greatest child-bearing hips I could ever have asked for thus making me Non model material. For this I am most grateful. I was never brave enough to try either. Anyway I digress. Off the supermodel soap box now.

Well, OK so I know the title says I liked them today. Here's why.

Last week while we were enjoying our wonderful mini vacation to VA Beach I took a few snapshots of Zero. Here is what I see as a mini supermodel. I would never submit her to the kind of scrutiny that is required to be a child model but I do believe she is beautiful enough to be on the cover of Sports illustrated Kids. I'm biased because I am her mother but hey, I'm allowed. Take a look and see for yourself. My gorgeous shining star and amazing light in my life. Thanks to the Lord for giving or shall I say, sharing this super smart, quiet and honest being to me. Well here you go the pictures that make me smile and cry those warm happy tears.

Isn't she just the prettiest little thing that walked this beach.

Let that hair blow girl, you are so beautiful little miss Zero


Charisse said...

She is quite beautiful...we mommas are a little biased...