Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to park a car?

Last week a new friend of mine and I went out for the afternoon since she was on Spring break and I was craving Olive Garden Soup and Salad for lunch. She drove since she was very familiar with the area. I guess I could've but thought, heck I will let her drive so I can tend to Ziggy who almost always needs help with something. We get to Olive Garden and were having a great time. Ziggy decided that he wanted Spaghetti. I asked are you sure you want spaghetti?, he says " I said yes Mommy." Oops, my bad for asking him twice. Mercy me, I might have to teach my 3 year old a little patience. The salad was awesome. I ate so much because I left my belly empty all day so that I could eat myself to oblivion. And that I did. Good thing I did not have tight pants on or I would have had to release a button or two. The bread sticks were oh, so warm and oh, oh good. I had minestrone soup which was fabulous. I ate at least 3 platefuls of salad and laughed so hard at Ziggy trying to eat his spaghetti. He made a huge mess of himself. Friend tried to show him how to spin the fork and roll up the noodles. He looked perplexed but tried it. Yeah, he failed terribly and then gave up and went back to holding the fork 2 feet in the air above his head slurping it into his mouth. It was so stinking cute. I am really going to miss this stage. As he grows up I get more and more attached to him. I do not want my "baby" to grow up.

After lunch we needed to run a few errands like the dollar store, pet store and someplace else that I have forgotten now. Nevertheless, there was lots of people out and about because for 1. it was a beautiful day and for 2. it was spring break. Finding a parking spot is never easy in D.C. or surrounding areas. We see this person pull out and we get up closer to pull in and to our amazement the person in front of us pulled out of a Shopping cart return. No seriously, we pulled right in shortly there after, right into the shopping cart return. I knew none of you would believe me when I shared this bit of information so I took pictures with my phone. I was laughing so hard while Friend was parking. Oh heavens, the things you do in D.C that would never happen anywhere else. Enjoy this pictures, we ended up having a fabulous day together and making a memory that will never fade.


Our Naquin Family said...

Oh my gosh!! That is too funny! And your right I would not have believed you without the picture :)!!

Keyona said...

Too funny! Looks like yall had a great time!