Friday, April 3, 2009

Family and Friends Friday 5th edit.

WElcome back to Family and Friends Friday. This morning as I watched the local news I began thinking of the person that has become todays winner of the FFF award.

Congratulations J.D

WOW, I have known you your whole life. That is pretty cool, 27 years. I want you to know that you have always been there. I will wake up one morning and know that Yep J.C. is here. Never would I imagine losing you. WOW, I'm sorry I am crying and I have not even written anything yet. Dude, you know I love you. I was so proud of you for stepping up and marrying that beautiful woman. You knew you were doing the right thing. You did it correctly. You did it romantically and all your own way. I am so proud of you. Many days when you were little I thought oh boy, he's gonna be seeing a lot of bacon and bars throughout his days. You have proven me wrong. I am so proud of you. You have taken initiative to save money. Most young people don't do that, you do. You are such a reliable employee. Staying late, going in early, helping others out and doing what you know is right. What an amazing man you have become today. I can't say I am totally surprised though.
You and I both know the trials we went through getting to the adult stage and I see what my priorities are and I know you will do the same. I want you to know I am grateful to have been given a brother like you. You are so loving and generous and go with the flow. I can not wait to get my hands on that little baby. I know it will look as beautiful as your wife and be as thoughtful as you. J, I know through the years I may not have stood up for you in school but I want you to know that I stand up for you now. I love you now. I think you are doing a fabulous job at making good decisions. If I lived closer to you I would spend much more time with you. I cherish the memories we have growing up. Remember the time we went biking at the hills and you were jumping those deep half pipes. Amazing, you were the smallest and youngest out there but boy, you were definitely the bravest. I also remember you pushing through all those little league football practices. You never said I can't. You were the smallest on the team but dang were you fast. I remember bringing home report cards in elementary school and you ALWAYS had all A's and my grades were B's and C's. I envied you but used you as my inspiration to push myself harder. I was determined to do better and you were the key I needed.
J, I love you so very much. I not sure I can ever express how deep the love flows through my veins. But know I am here for you and you rank right there with my husband and children. There is something about growing up with a little brother. Being a big sister there were times I felt like a mother to you. I know it sounds weird but I did. I was so proud of you when you made that first basket when you were 5 and even more proud when you graduated High School. Even though I was not there, I was thinking of you. I wanted to be there so much. I hate that I missed it but just know I was cheering you on from Georgia. J, I look forward to the amazing things you will accomplish in your life. You are a true family man. I know you will be an awesome Dad. I know you will be full of emotion throughout the pregnancy and will be there helping S through it all. You will be so involved, I can just see you know coaching baseball, brushing out curls, diapering, struggling and being a totally lovable Dad. I am excited for you and totally excited to be a part of its life.
J, please know I keep you close to me everyday. I am so thankful you and I grew up together. I am thankful to have been there for you all those scary moments. I am thankful to have been there all those happy moments. I am glad I had a brother like you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving my children. I hope you and Zeus will get a chance to hang out more in the years to come. I am grateful to you for being such beautiful bright light in my life. I love you and I thank you for being you. Big Hugs and kisses from the happiest and proudest big sister in the world.
Congratulations J.C.


Anonymous said...

I read this and about burst into tears. That is the most heart felt and wonderful thing a big sister could say to her little brother.