Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tiny Task Tuesday

Welcome to Tiny task Tuesday.

This week I have been looking for others additions and have not found THE one yet. So that will have to wait until next weeks edition.

A few simple task that were done this week.

1. I volunteered for an hour at the oldest kids school for playground duty and ended up being a cafeteria monitor. I must say those people really do a fine job keeping ALL those children to behave and eat. I am most grateful.

2. I took a friend to an appointment since she was on pain killers and did not have her car. It was on my way to another appt. so it worked out great.

3. A friend watched my son for me twice this week with little to no notice either. What a great girl.

Here it is again another chance for you to start making a difference in your own neighborhood. Help out a neighbor, a friend, a stranger by giving of your time and strength and you will see a small change that will grow with time. Lets do it America! Lets get this place back to caring and sharing starting with us.

Blessings and see you tomorrow for another adventure in the Haskins House.


Keyona said...

Hey don't forget you picked up Lael for me on Friday. That was a BIG help! :o)