Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to MckMama's glorious idea of being brutally honest.

I did not cry at the vet's office after I was told my doggie would not be having puppies. She lost them along the past week. Super sad but glad we did not lose her. Now we are left to deal with infections and heart murmurs. Yippeee!!!

I did not convince Zeus "to stop by" our friends house after dinner on Saturday night only to have stayed for several hours. He can be a sucker sometimes, but definitely a nice sucker this time.

I did not completely melt when a complete stranger walked up to me at the restaurant on Sat. to tell me how well behaved my 4 beauties had been. She then told me she was mother to 4 teens and the teens are actually the ones who noticed the kids good behavior.

I did not just want to deck someone Thursday night after they told me my children were not behaving and I needed to "Control them". URGGG, I was not one furious Momma by this point. WOW, sitting in a chair playing a leapster is misbehaving. Someone has not seen very many children. For heavens sake.

I did not fill 50 years old this week after starting volleyball season all over again. WOW, I forgot I had those muscles. Whoops, now I must pay to use them, if you know what I mean.

I did not convince my children that working for pay was not the coolest thing since Nintendo. They were working harder than slaves. I definitely was not totally thrilled to not have to ask them to help here and there.

I did not tell my close friend to stay away from my house since her sweet child had developed Pink eye in both eyes. I do not want that in my house, because if one gets it WE all get it. Not what I call fun.

Now's your turn, what do you have to confess or get honest with this week. I am thankful that today is Monday and we are at it again.


Come back soon to another story in Haskins Land


Charisse said...

Hey there. Your NOT MEs were not that bad this week. But thanks for sharing them anyway!!!