Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not ME! Monday

I did not inadvertently mess up a friends get together with my own get together. That is definitely not what friends do. Zeus' idea, I just had to jump on it while I had the chance.

I did not boycott the laundry this week to see if anyone else would touch it. No, I am a good laundress who never lets it get backed up and never lets anyone else touch it.

I did not wish I was not at Basketball practice to escape the little boy that never listens. No, I am always so happy to be there and spend time with these amazing little beings.

I did not get completely enthralled in my teams basketball game after they stole the ball from the other team more than once. I never condone stealing things. That would be teaching bad habits.

I absolutely did not secretly want to stay home from my pokeno game this week when I had just gotten my newly fixed camera, new lenses and new laptop screen all at the same time. Who wants to play with their camera. Nope, not me.

I definitely did not secretly wonder what my life would be like with only one child, Zero. That would be shameful. I would never want that or even dream of it.

I am not completely jealous of my husbands life, job and look. I do not wonder what he does all day and how he gets to be a Dad, a Airman, a college graduate and a husband. I have my own life. That would be super silly. I am proud of my life, Really I am.

I did not completely go off the handle when my husband put the kids on the bus after more than 6 inches of snow had fallen. That would be ridiculous or a little selfish. Heck, they get several feet in the frozen tundra and still go to school.

I then did not get in my car and drive through the treacherous roads to pick my kids up from school when they should have been there. Definitely not me. Who plays in the snow these days.

And what mother does not want her kids to get an education. Oh, so not this one.

Thanks for joining me this week for Not Me! Monday. Hop on over to MckMama's blog to see her always hilarious NMM. She is the originator of this fun project.


Charisse said...

Two weeks ago I DID NOT try and convince my daughter NOT to go to dance class because it was beautiful outside and I had forgotten her dance clothes.

E @ Scottsville said...

Hey, I would've passed on the game to stay home and play with my new gadgets/toys too!

Your kids are darling! So is your blog.

Happy Monday!