Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ITs T.T.T time again

Looks like today is Tuesday and time for another edition for Tiny Task Tuesday.
If you are new let me give you a brief rundown. I started this little campaign in Jan. to motivate others and myself to help in Changing America. We all want change, right? But it seemed to me everyone was leaving it to everyone else. Lets make ourselves accountable. Lets stop putting all the weight on the Presidents shoulders or Congress' back and then complain when it is not done the way we wanted. Here is your chance. All you have to do is step up and do a tiny, little task once a week. Simple. It requires no money, just your time and energy.

This week I am going to highlight a few things I have seen from others.
Recently, a new neighbor moved in across the street from me and were very unfamiliar with the area and did not own a car and needed furniture and other things. I shared their story with a close friend who in turn shared it with another friend. This other friend just happened to buy new furniture this past week and wanted to find a home for the old furniture. They called my close friend and then she called me. I called the N.N and a new home was found. So a simple, " hey I have new neighbors so keep eye out for household goods." can really turn out to help someone out tremendously.

Another neighbor allowed the new neighbor to borrow their car. Simply handed them the keys and said this is how you use the GPS. WOW, brave!! Yes, but very, very generous.

A lady at the grocery store was struggling to get 2 buggies separated. She really looked like she needed a hand. Before I could get to her a fine gentlemen walked up, pulled the two buggies apart and absolutely just made her day. She smiled and thanked him.

I was watching a segment on one of the news channels last week and a woman made it her priority one day to go around all day and help people out. She tried to help carry groceries, assist a family that was moving, help an elderly person to their car and several other things that day. The funny thing is, most people looked at her funny and told her no they did not need any help, when they obviously could have used it. This struck me as it did her. It is foreign to them. Why is that? Could it be because it has been lost somewhere along the way. Probably! This makes me very sad. One, because as a child I remember very fondly going to the nursing homes to read to g-parents, I remember my Dad helping out the neighbors with their cars for not one dime. I remember helping the elderly woman at church navigate her wheelchair and many more. These seemed so minor and everyday. But they were lost to much selfishness and greed. It was instilled in me as a child and if we do not instill it into our own child/ren it could be lost forever. Forget what you are going to get out of it. Share with them that it is all about gratitude.

Use your imagination. You too can help restore the generosity that Americans once held so invaluably. Lets go back to the time where we all wanted to make sure our neighbors and co-workers were doing alright.

Thank you for joining me for this latest edition of Tiny Task Tuesday.


Charisse said...

Wow - that is something...to be able to observe kindness in others. And it does shock us. Which is a sad sad feat. :-(

I love the pictures of your babies, by the way. They turned out very nicely.