Friday, March 13, 2009

Friends and Family Friday

Welcome back!!

This is my living tribute to someone close to me. This week is not as clear cut/ straight forward as last weeks. No, I did not have any bad dreams. But this one person stands out above all in stepping up and making a huge difference in my life.

Congratulations N.J.

I just wanted you to know how wonderful it was to look over in the stands as a 7th-8th grader to see you sitting there cheering on my volleyball team, my basketball team and my track team. You were always there. I never worried about you not being there. Someone saw me score or shoot or win the 1600 meter relay. YOU DID!!! Even when we were at another school you made sure you knew where it was. So special to me. You will never know what that meant to me.

I remember you taking me to my counseling and stopping by that cute little restaurant to have pie. YUMMY!! Thank you, I needed that after talking to people about terrible things in life, a slice of pie was so refreshing and allowed me to come back to being a kid again.

Grandma, There is always that distinct time of year you and I did lots of cooking. Oh how wonderful it was to hurry home from school after getting out early and get myself in the kitchen with you. I miss those days far too often. I hate that we are so far apart. But just know how wonderful and special it was to cook and bake with you. You always let me do it. You were in a way my asst. . How cool to be a young girl and be treated as if I had my own kitchen.

You always made sure my bath water was run in the morning before you woke me up. That was so nice, definitely not something you had to do. You always came in my room and tucked me in at night. EVERY single night. Even if you were out you made sure you came in and checked on me. WOW, for a grandmother to do all these things for me is just super amazing.

I will always remember sitting down with you and you taking the time to roll my hair into tiny rollers so that it would be nice and curly for picture day or whatever ceremony was happening. That is engraved in my brain.

There was always that special time of shopping with you. I loved getting new shoes or a pretty new dress. You always made sure I had cute socks and nice clothes that I liked. You did all this out of the gracious of your heart. Thank you.

I can never say Thank you enough to you for all those late talks, phone calls and even Ally McBeal.

You know, I am not sure I ever said it enough. You bought me a car soon after high school. That was so nice. I loved Gumby. She was a beauty and was my first NEW car. I wish she was still around. Thank you for helping me. Thank you for being a huge part of my life. I know this road has not been easy but you have stayed the course.

I Thank you for allowing me to be me. I know you have not agreed with a lot of things but you never stopped loving me. You never left me. I always had your support. There is never enough. I want you to know today that I love you. From all the trips to New Mexico, Colorado, South Texas, to shopping in Dallas, to running the shop in the stockyards, to making my outfits for the Pawnee Bill Wild West show, to camping I want to thank you. I remember them all. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for caring and wanting me to have memories.

I could go on forever on all the thing you are good at. You have an astonishing way of manipulating words to get them just so. You always have an idea for the garden. You are great.

I thank you for coming out to my house each and every time a new baby arrived to help out here and there. To see you with my own babies is so special. That was a wonderful thing to have you around to hold them while I did something else here in there. Thank you! Grandma, I love you and I want you to know you will always be with me as I travel through life. I will tell lots of stories of you when you leave. Thank you!!!

I love your creativity. You have so many great ideas in your mind. I love to pick at them. I love your amazing cooking ideas. You are so clever and always making something. I am so glad you are here in my life. I am grateful for all you have done for me through the years and I look forward to you being by me when sweet Zero has her first baby. I will need your support.

I appreciate each and every act you have done for me. I Love you, I want you to know just how wonderful it was to have you fight for me. It was not easy but you made sure I was taken care of properly.

Now go eat something really special. I know you love that Ice Cream. Enjoy a cup of soft Frozen chocolate yogurt.