Thursday, March 26, 2009

Family and Friends Friday 4th Ed.

Today as I tried desperately to score White House Easter Egg Roll tickets online I thought about who would be the next recipient. There are 3 names that came to mind as I lay in the bed waiting for the next alarm to go off to get up and check the computer again. Then one person stuck and the words started filling my little head. It was then that I realized who would be the next recipient. So here's to you H. C. you are the winner.

What an incredible friend you have been to me for the past 3 years. You have only been in a life for a short while but you have made such an impact on my family. I want you to know just how wonderful it was to rely on you ALWAYS to watch the kids when I was in a pickle. You never told me no. That is true friendship or maybe pure craziness, I'm not sure but whatever it is I appreciated it. I am so grateful to you for always having an open mind when I needed relationship advice or mothering advice. I trust your opinion and that is not easy to do.

I want you to know just how wonderful it is that you walked into my life that beautiful summer night. Oh yes, how we met was quite special. You know, who leaves a nice, rideable, bike on the curb for the trash man? Oh yeah, that would be Zeus. But I must be thankful to him today because that is the thing that brought us together.

I want to thank you for all those wonderful plates of food. Man, you are some cook girlfriend. YUMMMMM!!!! H.C. I want you to know that you are so beautiful. Your personality is contagious. You always seem to have a water slide type attitude. Doesn't matter, its gonna flow and you just jump on and ride it down. Thank you for that. You are true inspiration in my times of uncertainty. I knew I could talk to you and everything would feel better. You know, when I am doing these things(FFF) I try to imagine myself at a funeral standing in front of a podium addressing the bereaved. It sounds morbid but then again that is usually when all the best things are said of people. For you, I just picture myself on your couch chatting to everyone in the room with plates full of wings, salads, bulgogi meat, hotdogs, meatballs, fruit kabobs and all those other famous H.C foods. That is what I loved most. Just hanging out in your back yard roasting marshmallows over the Chimenea. Fabulous fun. Plus, you have got to be the best partylite Hostess I have ever had. You are so persistent and always had HUGE shows. Man I miss those paychecks, hahaha. Thank you!

I love the fact that you are such a great Mom to those gorgeous girls. You threw great parties for them and took such good care of them. I thank you for allowing me to be a part of their lives and look forward to lots of pictures of them as the grow. I hope one day along our lives journey we find each other again. I miss you bunches. We will visit you soon. H.C., I hope you realize how special you are and what a difference you made in my life. I will never look at Bleach the same way again. Actually every time I smell it or see it I get a big smile on my face.

You and I have created great memories together and those will forever be on my mind. WOW, It was awesome to get to experience meeting the President together with you. How lucky were we? That was so cool. I was so happy to have had a buddy to go with that gorgeous May morning. It was special but MAN spending it with you was awesome. Plus, your husband watched all them kids!!! He's a keeper. I want you to know that you sealed your friendship in the most simple way. Do you remember those 2 days that you slaved in the kitchen to make me a birthday cake because Zeus was out of town and you wanted me to have a proper birthday. For heavens sake, you baked a cake in a hotel room. Now that spells love. Not just once but twice. Two seperate years. On top of that you planed a surprise birthday getaway. WOW, that was so awesome. I was spellbound by yalls determination to make it an absolutely unforgettable day. Oh how it was. Thank you so much. You have been an incredible friend these past 3 years and I am so blessed. H.C, God Bless you and our family as it grows. I hope someone will be as kind and sweet and generous with you as you have been to me. I don't say this much to my friends but I say it to you today, I love you, I appreciate you and I Thank you. You have been such a bright light in my life and I look forward to the many more days we get to talk.
Happy Birthday, BTW!!!



Keyona said...

That was really beautiful. I hope she know how much you love her.

H.C. said...

Hey lady...your blog today, brought tears to my eyes, but also many smiles! I wish I could write as eloquently as you to express how much it all meant to me and all the great memories we had. I miss you guys and your awesome kiddos very much, but mostly I miss talking to you at any time of the day and being able to borrow an egg or sugar here and there. One of the great things of the military life is the great friends you make. I want you to know that you will always have a friend in me no matter where I am in this world you only need to pick up the phone and I will be there for you. I know many times friendships get lost in the distance but I know yours is one I will always cherish and continue to nurture!

I miss you guys!