Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family and Friends Friday 3rd edit.

Its Friday. Aren't you super excited? I am slightly. I have picked the next recipient of the FFF award. Who do you think it is? OH, what? You don't know what I am doing. Read this and it will explain my biggest agenda these days, expressing my true feelings.

This week was not hard for me.

Congratulations F.D.

You are one exceptional lady. Yes, I am talking about you Red! Where do I begin? I must say, I admire your mothering. The ability to love your kids whatever they become, whatever they do, and whoever they choose. You still love them. You still accept them. You stand behind them. Not a single one of those 4 children have been abandoned. Thank you. I appreciate having a beautiful role model. I know they appreciate you immensely too. I will talk to them about showing it a little more. :) I want you to know how blessed I am to be able to talk to you almost everyday. Even though I live so stinking far away, talking to you about daily life makes me feel right at home. Thank you. I am so proud that you have stood by your husband all these years. WOW, that truly is amazing. From a brain tumor to war, to 4 children and even loss of parents. You never strayed. I thank you for restoring my hope in marriage. Allowing me to vent about my marriage and receive such amazing encouragement from you is so refreshing. Your true devotion to Jesus Christ has helped me through the years. Through all the adversity you continue to read your bible and talk to me and others about the ways of the lord. I want you to know this has been so helpful to me. You have been inspirational in my life. I appreciate your views and love your positive outlook. If anybody is praying, its you. I can count on you for that. Always. We appreciate that. I love you for standing up for Jesus. I love you for accepting all of us in this family. I know it has not been easier to watch us love and get hurt and watch us mess up here and there, but what a pillar you are. I always said when you die, we will fall about. You are our King post. Thank you so much. Words will never express my true love, adoration, inspiration and great thanks to you for the woman you are.

I remember sitting in your lap as a little girl and you gently sliding my silky white socks on. You were so soft and gentle with me. I remember you combing my hair. You always made it look just right. Those memories are engraved right there in my mind. I remember sitting down with you and playing Dr. Mario. You would kick my butt and anybody else who challenged you. It was wild to say my grandmother played Nintendo better than all the boys. Cool!!! You can kill anybody who challenges you to scrabble. I am baffled at your vocabulary knowledge. I will never be there. But I appreciate you always being so patient with me when I did brave the game. I thank you for being an "involved" grandmother. You always made it to the cousins ball games. You were sitting right there on the sidelines cheering them on. That was so awesome. I know I loved it when you were in the stands at Pennington when we had U.I.L. competitions and games. How proud I was to have you watching little ole me out there on that great big football field. Thank you so much. I love how you always have food. Smorgasbord as I call it. Nope, it was never just sandwiches. It was several different choices and you were right there fixing it for us. Thank you!!! You just stood there on the other side of the bar while we unloaded whatever crap had built up that day. Even today. I bet someone came in and talked to you about some problem. Thanks for always having an ear to listen and an open mind. You responded when asked but never told us how it was or how it was going to be. You let us be us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I want you to know that I look forward to going to church because I know you will be sitting right there in row 7. Yes, I remember. I loved going with you and seeing the smile on your face when we sang. It is so nice to see you moving with the times. You are not some ole granny still listening to Loretta Lynn. You can listen to the new up and coming artist. WOW, that is so awesome. Thank you for being so generous with your money, what little you have. You lend to everyone like it's the Red Bank. Thank you. That is really nice of you and amazing to see someone share like that. You taught me to open my heart to others. You taught me acceptance. You taught me bible verses. You help me become the woman I am today. You care about my feelings. One thing that I do carry on that growing up I always appreciated was seeing all our pictures all over your house. How awesome was it to see your whole family all over your walls. I cherish those memories so much and I thank you for making us so important. Thank you for coming to see me in GA and DC.

Both those trips were not easy but you did it and it made me proud to show you how far I have come. I know you have touched so many lives. I do not think you realize the abundance of love flowing in our world that you gave freely. My hat goes off to you. I hope you hang around a few more years to see what my children become. Maybe if I am lucky you will see her first child. Life will definitely change when you are gone but don't you think for one minute that you will be forgotten. OH NO, You will forever be remembered. I will forever strive to reach as high as you have. I want to have the happening house. I want to be the grand central station like you. We always know you will be there. Thank you. I love you and I want you to know how special and dear you are to me. I will hold you close as I travel through life every twist and turn I will think what you would do in that situation. Thank you for all your guidance through the years. You are one very special lady that deserves so much more than what we can give you. I will try but will always fall short. Blessings to you for a long and healthy life. I love you and miss you everyday. Thank you for being my Grandmother and loving me for me.

Congratulations F.D, you are one incredible lady