Thursday, March 5, 2009

Family and Friends Friday 1st edit.

Just what you have been waiting for, right?

Yes, today is the day I shall begin expressing my sincere thanks and extreme gratitude for my family members. If you want the full rundown check here.

The choice today was very simple and actually quite easy. Honestly, I did not choose this person. Take one guess who did.

Got it!

Well, if you don't

then I'll help you. The almighty God.

After going to bed last night I had this absolutely dreadful dream. It was very disturbing and felt so real. I woke up several times thinking if I got up and used the bathroom I could think of something else and get to sleep, peacefully. Not so!! Every time I crawled back into my super warm bed and closed my eyes it was like I had just hit pause on the DVD player. Absurd. So I woke up and thought I should call this person and check on them. Then I looked at the clock and thought, ummmm, 2:30 am, they are not going to be happy with me waking them up to ask if they are OK. I reluctantly went back to sleep and well, finished this terrible dream.

God would not let me get this person out of my mind. I realized this morning that this is the person I must thank, because he may not be here tomorrow he might be laying flat underneath a bright yellow school bus somewhere.

Today it is you W.D. God was completely behind this decision and I will follow his lead. First I want to start out by thanking God for your presence on Earth today. That bus accident would have really been rough to take. You have been really amazing to watch over the past 16 years. God brought you in my life at an early age in rocky times but you always pressed on.

I will never forget the Ballzack. Yes, that was the very first gift you gave me. It was a gracious offering on your part. I thank you for standing by her, P, for all these years. She has needed someone to keep her busy and you provided that to her and I am so very grateful to you. Oh and to love her too. I almost got in trouble there. HUH. I want you to know that I am very glad you gave me my space. It was needed in order to let you in. You are so important to my babies. They love riding the motorcycle. What fun that was! I even enjoyed it no matter how terrified I was every time you turned a corner. Every time I see French onion dip your face pops in my mind. I loved sharing that yummy dip with you. You built me a room for heavens sake. That was showing so much love to a very standoffish young girl. I never thanked you enough for that. I loved that room. It was so big and so me. Another time you were out and about and you brought me this white Unicorn made out of paper mache. It was so beautiful, standing in such a majestic pose. What a generous thought and sweet gift. It wasn't even my birthday either. Just an ordinary day. Thank you for your gentleness. That is the one thing that sticks in my mind the most. Your ability to sit back and watch and let me do it my way. I am grateful for the days on camping trips. You are so adventurous. I loved climbing on the house and decorating for Christmas with you. Not many would let a little girl help out on the roof, you did. Not only have you saved me with paint issues here and there, you even painted several rooms in my house for nothing. SCORE!!!! Thanks a million. I am so blessed to have you around and I pray you stay for another 40 years. You have made some amazing strides. Your growth in life and along the lonely rode have been tremendous and you should be congratulated. You have been such a great friend to so many. You have been a teacher to several lost souls. They secretly thank you but I will help them by doing it publicly. Thanks for always putting the lunch money on the table everyday, even when you had to go to the store to get the cash. I never had to worry that you would forget, it was just always there. I know I have not been the easiest to talk to but please know that I feel like you have become another amazing parent in my life. I have learned tons of lessons from your mistakes and I want to give you a big hug for that. I was able to see the consequences you suffered and never wanted to go through that myself. So it was not completely a bad thing.

I am proud of the person you are today. You are not perfect and never will be, but the best part of that is, you know that and accept that. AWESOME. Keep doing what you are doing. People are learning from you. People are watching you. People are thanking you. People want to know you. People want what you have. Doesn't that make you feel good. Its really cool. Congratulations on all the accomplishments you have made along the way. I pray God gives you many more days to make tons more accomplishments and I pray he allows you to touch so many more people in your life. Thank you for being you. Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for supporting me even though you did not have to. Pat yourself on the back. Job well done. You deserve to wallow in a little happiness for once. Now's the time. Go eat a great big ole Lobster with lots of butter for me and add a giant baked potato to that. Be indulgent!! You better do it, I'm gonna ask. There will never be enough Thank yous to give. I want you to know I admire you and love you just like a father. They do not know what they are missing out on. I do and Hey, that's just more for my family. We'll take it!!! Best wishes to you. Huge hugs. and always know those simple things mean so very much. The Lord blessed us with you and I am so grateful you have found him today. I love you for you and I hope this just shows you my deep gratitude for all the things you have done for me all these years. Have a great weekend.



Keyona said...

Beautiful tribute from a beautiful person.

Worm's Woman said...

So glad you are doing this! So true how we normally handle things, and it needs to change. I have tried to let those know often 'cause I too hate when it's left for too late like yesterday..., but putting it out there for all to see is an even better and more inspiring way.