Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Creative Wives Club

Happy Wednesday!!!!

The last couple months a few friends and I have gotten together to make these super cute wreaths.

It all started around Christmas time when my good friend C found a cute little wreath made out of cut strips of fabric. She asked a few of us if we wanted to join in and do it together. We agreed. But that was the last I heard of it. I had it on my mind for awhile but had to come up with a plan.

C's husband was deployed to the desert in Jan. She seemed really bummed and really down. As we all get when our spouses leave for any amount of time. I guess that's part of being in the military or married to the military. I was talking with another friend and thought we could "Surprise" C with the project.

So the gears in my head starting turning faster then I could keep up with. I checked with the group on a date, doled out tasks and did my best to keep it a secret. Yeah, that's hard when you talk to the girl everyday. And if you know me, I like to talk. Secrets sometimes come out accidentally. Whoops. I struggled with this one. So I bought the fabric and went through all the hours of cutting and measuring it all just for her.

We showed up and surprised her. The 4 of us had an awesome time. We decided that we wanted to do it again for Easter.

This time we invited one other friend that was banging the door down to join us. We had lots of snacks and drinks and used our imaginations to make just the right wreath for us. We made 5 fabric wreaths and 4 egg wreaths. They were simple and lots of fun and a great way to get together with my sweet amazing military spouses.

We decided to come up with a name. So I picked Nana's brain and used lots of adjectives to make up about 30 cute names. We all voted. And can you believe it, the name I loved the most that I came up with all on my own was chosen. YES!!!! Creative Wives Club it is. We all decided we would meet once a month and make a craft together. The last 2 times we made wreaths but C has LOTS of ideas in her head that she wants to make. So we will make several different things to decorate our houses with. So much fun.

Next months towels should be tons of fun. It is great to hang with all you girls. The best part is I get to use my creative mind and love of crafts.

Blessings and come back soon


Our Naquin Family said...

Oh, off the subject~~did I miss TTT???

Our Naquin Family said...

I love hanging out with ya'll too! Although I am still giving Keyona credit for the name :)!

Worm's Woman said...

You're fabric pieces and colors reminded me of this project I found the other day.
Y'all might enjoy it for next year since Easter probably comes before you meet agan.
This sounds like a lot of fun and looks really cute!!!

Artsy Aut said...

So cute! Can I please come too?

Keyona said...

Haa haa! I tried to say it wasn't me but I won't twist Carlota's arm.