Friday, February 27, 2009

Why don't I listen?


What comes to mind when you hear this word.




Well for me lots of words and faces come to mind when I hear this word. Mostly family. But there are a few ladies that, having me plucked out of my range of my family, have become my family. I love to just run ideas by them. It amazes just how smart each one of them are. I definitely don't give them enough credit. I'm sorry for that.

So this time, I was stuck on that word again. I did not seem to be understanding the concept of the word and what it had to do with marriage. Yeah, that's a problem huh.

Well this time, after wallowing in self pity and writing while crying I decided to pick up the good ole telephone. Well actually my fancy pink iphone.

Oh how I love the phone. Thanks Alexander Graham Bell. I am so grateful to you dear friend. You made my life so much more manageable.

The calls were made and I began to explain my hardship or simple miscommunication. Whatever you want to call it.

Then the ladies began their wonderful words of wisdom. Oh, I'm not so good with words of wisdom, that's why I call them. HAHAHA.

Advice flows like the Niagara river. Some of it harsh, some of it simple but all of it so beautiful.

I really decided to use it this time. Not that I hadn't before but this time was different. I felt I was holding a broken egg between my fingers and these ladies had the pan to put it in.

So lesson learned. If you are going to ask for advice or help or ideas, whatever you call them. I say use them. This time a few anonymous ladies saved the day and I am so very grateful. Thanks guys, you're awesome but most of you know that already.

I am happy. The work is getting done. I will soon be less stressed and by golly your ideas saved the day.

Communication is definitely an important factor in human existence. Use it wisely. Use it often. It might just stave off a few less tears.

Blessings everyone.

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