Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's in a Name?

Someone asked " where did your blog names come from." It made me think, oh, the wonderful things that happen at my house are not always shared with you wonderful readers. So today I thought I would share a few "lost" memories with you.

Rewind back a few years.

When my family moved here back in 2005 for my husbands job relocation we were required to endure brief periods of Zeus' absence. He was to travel off and on for the duration of this assignment. Sounds simple. No not really, ahem, but we have dealt with it.

One time during one of his trips he left a very sweet note after he left while the house was still sleeping. The note read

"I love you all a lot. Twinkle, You are more beautiful than the rays of the sun and more wonderful than chocolate. And you know how much I love chocolate! Happy Easter and Tell my little flowers to keep sprouting towards the sun. Love Zeus/Daddy"

Super sweet, huh!!! Well this was absolutely wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes. This was the first note from Zeus and the best surprise. The babies loved it so much and talked about it so much that Zeus has left a few more, 5 in all. Not every trip. Just random. It makes it a nice surprise when he does leave one.

One of the notes were actual notes, Music notes. He left about 20-25 arrows leading to the next arrow with short instructions. It was a Note hunt. The kids found it first but could not find the last few, early one morning. (Notice a trend, Zeus normally leaves while we are all sleeping)

I helped the kids out and we found the final NOTE. Yeah, not a written note, Zeus left us a Music Note. It was a 16th note to be exact. It was funny and very clever of Zeus. Definitely kept the babies busy. Just made me cry. If you haven't already noticed I am very emotional when he leaves.

I know you are still wondering about those names huh!

But did you like the first few notes. Funny! or not? What did you think?

Ok, OK, OK!!!

Wait no more!!

Once again Zeus was off to another adventure leaving us behind. This time he left another note. Here is a copy of it. Zeus gave us our names and they immediately stuck.

So that is that. The names would then become our blog identities. The babies all know their names and will use them sometimes, not often but it is funny when they are used out in public. I bet you can see the stares and faces huh. Yeah, It does turn a few heads. I just smile and laugh. Zeus can be so sweet sometimes.

Can't wait for the next one. He is really gonna have to be creative to top those. Soon we will know.

Thanks for reading and come back soon. Always something new happening at the Haskins House.


Worm's Woman said...

the pictures are georgous!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love, love, love the colors you put them in!
and such a sweet and wonderful thing zeus does. so nice to see a bright spot in the dark of it all!

Worm's Woman said...

also, would you get me your e-mail. thanks!