Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tiny Task Tuesday

Welcome to another installment of Tiny Task Tuesday.

If you are new let me explain. This is my own little way to start a change in America. What is it? Well, this is a 52 wk campaign that each and every one of you could join. All you need to do is find someone that needs help with something and without payment just do it. If the elderly neighbor struggles to take out the trash, go help them or do it for them. This campaign does not require money all it requires is your time and a little muscle here and there. So come on help me out in spreading my campaign across the country. Do 1 simple task every week and see how it multiples.
This week I am going to do this a little different. Because Zeus has been out of town I was on the other side of the campaign. I will share both sides this week. Tell me what you think?

People Helping me

1. Someone was so generous to bring my child home from cheerleading practice. Since it was so late and my boys were already in bed.
2. Someone knew I was alone with the kids on Valentines Day and stopped by with a huge box of chocolates to wish me a Happy V Day.
3. While out and about a very nice lady assisted me in carrying our food and drinks at a show I took the kids too.
These are all the people I appreciate. It is really amazing to see that the generosity of people has not disappeared. Thank you for all the help. I was humbled to think I was worthy of help.

Here's mine

1. Helped a new neighbor find their mailbox. Our mailboxes are units of 12. They are located here and there and anyone could be yours.
2. While driving I helped a car find a hole to merge onto the highway, this was a feat in itself but we worked together and she got in.
3. Helped my niece in completing a school project. She had a flat Stanley and I took him on a whirlwind tour of D.C., MD and VA. I went above and beyond by printing pictures and journaling them and putting together pages for her to show in a book.
4. Put a large box of clothes together for a sweet little girl that definitely could use some gently used dresses. Since my Zero is growing out of everything I figure we could share and help a little girl with a smile.

There were 3 more but a few little fingers jacked my list. If I find it I will update this one later. They were just trying to help clean off the desk.

Ok, So what did you do this week that impacted someone else in a positive way? How did you help? Use my Button and join in on Tuesdays to update us what you are doing to change our America. Just one person at a time. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your T.T.T.


Charisse said...

SO, I know its not much - but here we go...

My tiny tasks :

1. Put together a basket of 24 month to 2T sized girl clothes for a woman who is trying to adopt a little girl. She gets to keep the little girl every other weekend right now and is having to build a wardrobe for a growing toddler. We all know that can be expensive to do without help.

2.Invited a friend to bring their date along on my Valentine's day date so they would have something to do and somewhere to go.

3.Bought candies for my office because everyone needs a pick me up sometimes.

4.Made lunch for a coworker because they mentioned not having extra money that week to bring or buy lunch.

Worm's Woman said...

I guess it was the week of passing down clothes! Holly has done some major growing this year and had ANOTHER stack of clothes that she no longer fits into. With the help of another friend I was able to send her almost new clothes on to another couple of friends' little girls.
Also the other weekend Larry and I grabbed a late lunch while out running around. When our order was brought, they had the wrong side order for him and my food wasn't ready. I sat starving for about ten min. Larry was annoyed but not rude when he went to find out what happened. The guy behind the counter was super apologetic even though it wasn't his fault, and made up for the mistakes to the best of his ability. Before we left Larry asked him for the manager (poor guy looked scared). Larry informed her of whar a great job he did to correct a mistake that wasn't his fault and how he helped to completely change Larry's mood. A two for one!