Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Welcome to another episode of Tiny Task Tuesday where I do something simple that positively affects the life of another individual or environment. This is a year commitment. You too can join in on my journey to better our world one tiny task at a time. Its simple really. All you have to do is find 1 thing per week that makes a difference. Pick up trash on the sidewalk, hold open a door, allow someone to go first on the HWY. No money required, just time. So what'll it be?
Here are my tasks this week.
1. I surprised a friend with a girls night in and wreath making.
2. I found some money on the ground and found its owner and graciously handed it over.
3. I coached 5 and 6 year old in basketball 2 times this week.
4. I helped someone locate a specific place.
5. I smiled at the cashier and told her to have a good day.
6. I picked up a paper cup off the ground and placed it in the nearest trash receptacle.
Come on, step up and add this to your blog. You can have a Tiny Task Tuesday. Go ahead tell me what you did this week. I'd love to hear it. Maybe, just maybe we can start our own movement to change America and bring that down home charm back to what used to be.
Lets go. Have fun finding that simple task this week.


Charisse said...

I have not added TINY TASK TUESDAY yet to my blog...but I believe I am going to. It helps you to hold YOURSELF accountable for what you want to do. I think I will also be adding the NOT ME MONDAY from one of the blogs that you follow. Anyway : Here is my tiny list of tiny tasks:
1. I bought my daughter's father some dinner when I dropped her off on Friday.
2. Got all the 24 month-2T clothes out of the closet to send to a friend back home with a little girl that is a couple sizes smaller than Lorelli.
3. Washed and laid out the laundry for my boyfiend's work week.
4. Stopped and picked up some steaks and invited my good friend and her fiance for dinner and drinks.
5. Began taking my coworker to and from work every day even though it is is a small bit out of my way.

Its not much....but it's a start!!!