Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rocking the Guac

Well the dreaded day has come once again. Many of you know Zeus' job requires him to take short and sometimes long stints away from home often. He has been home since thanksgiving day. Yeah, quite a long stretch. I tend to get nervous when we have long stretches like this because we all get USED to Daddy being home. That makes it even harder for him to go. Even though he is not going to IRAQ or AFGHANISTAN it does not mean we miss him any less or that it is any less difficult to say goodbye because trust me, it is just the same, except we have to say goodbye more times in those 6-12 months instead of just once. That is tough. Seriously tough. Anyways so as we get prepared we like to go out to eat just before Daddy leaves or right after he returns. It is a nice family time with no CLEAN UP.

I decided we would go to a new restaurant at the fairly new Washington National Harbor. Zeus was still at work while I looked up a restaurant to try. He loves Mexican so I thought we would try that one. Never the less as soon as he came home he was ready to leave. The kids and I were not but with a little "Hey lets go to a restaurant" they were ready in 2 minutes flat.

Going to a restaurant is really a treat for us. It does not happen very often. Maybe once a month we venture out with 6 of us. There is usually gratuity and it hardly ever costs less than $50 at the cheapest. With a $100 a week grocery bill that nearly covers a weeks groceries.

Anyways, we went to this little restaurant called Rosa Mexicano. After getting there we learned that the waiters make Guacamole at your table if ordered. HUMMMM!!! Mexican restaurant? Guacamole? YES, Please!!! So the waiter pulls the portable table over to us and asks if the kids want to help.

UMMMMM, I don't think he knows what he is about to get himself into. YEAH, all 3 boys jump at the opportunity. So they all climb onto the chairs he provides for height and he brings them all a cute little apron. They are so happy. He tells them what they are about to do and lets them take over. Yeah, you read that right. He literally let them do it. Only thing he did was cut the avocado. It was so cool to see them treated like people and not babies.

OH, wow, they are full of happy little smiles and working so well together. That just about never happens with these boys. Getting dressed can cause arguments that could eventually lead to jail time. Seriously, it can be a real war zone with these munchkins. I was just the happiest mommy ever. My little boys are so well behaved, oh this is sooooooo cool. No one is crying. No one is complaining. What a feat!!! They officially Rocked the Guac.

They did great, and did I mention the Guac was awesome. YUM, I have been told that I must make this at home. "It was so easy Mom, there was only 5 ingredients." Thanks so much Omega. Oh yeah and thanks to Rosa Mexicano for showing just how EASY it was. ahem

Dinner was fabulous. The kids behaved amazing. The waiter treated them like little adults the entire evening. Zulu even asked the waiter for more ketchup all on his own with no prompting from anyone. It must have been the cutest thing ever. I was the doting proud Mommy.

Thanks Christian for being an absolutely awesome waiter. We enjoyed it, every little $25 plate worth. He even brought out nickles and dimes for the kids to throw into the fountain. Now that is fulfilling his waiterly (my own word) duties.

Dinner well spent. Memories Made. Goodbyes said. Daddy off. and Mommy tired. Mission Complete!

Join us again for another installment of the Haskins Happenings, coming soon to a blog near you.


Worm's Woman said...

Now that looks like a fun resturant. I might would actually be willing to give Guac a try again if I had an experiance like that! (which is such an odd thing to hear from someone who LOVES HER MEXICAN/TEX-MEX) So glad you were able to have such a special time right before he left.
And many many prayers your way! When I read of what they are doing to thank military wives, I am so glad they do. You deserve that and so much more! Stay strong! You're doing great!

Charisse said...

Hey chica!!! I know these times are tough on you guys. I am so proud of your little boys growing up. They look sooo cute in these pictures. Don't you love when everything goes smoothly and catches you off guard!!!

Worm's Woman said...

Thank you for the prayers! I will definately let you know what they find. And yes, we are sooooooo glad it's off. That had to be the longest weekend in a very long time. He is hyper-active, so he couldn't make it the hole time. We ended up trying to conseal his wires as best as we could and went out to a few stores to help us both.
The blankets are super easy to make. I can give you the instructions to make them or I can make some for you and send them out. Just let me know.

Taylors Make Four said...

It's real easy--make a cake, let it cool--I mean really cool. . .then take a container of cream cheese frosting and mix it up with the cake crumbled, roll it into balls and put in the fridge for 5 or 6 hours. Take chocolate bark (or semi-sweet baking chocolate) and dip them!