Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Photo 8-25

Several of my online friends are blogging about a random photo. Basically you take your birthday and find the 8th folder, the 2nd sub folder and 5th picture, 8-25. So here it is....

This would be Ziggy in August of 2006. Here he is at 8 months old. He was pulling up to Zulu on the playground bench trying to give him a rock he had found. Such a cutie patootie. WOW, it is so amazing to see how fast they grow-up. When the kids were young we spent lots of time at the playground. Not so much anymore. They would rather go for a bike ride or jump on our trampoline.

OH, how I miss summer. Spring will be here before we know it and it will be time for my gardening to take shape. What fun that shall be.

Until then what is your random photo? Take your birth date and use the numbers to find the folders and pictures like I did. Lets see what you can come up with! Thanks SnapDragon!!!



Worm's Woman said...

welcome to the random photo club!! yes he is a cutie patootie! of corse they all are!

Charisse said...

Such a cute picture. I am finding that Lorelli is growing up way too fast, also. It is rather depressing. :-(

As for my boyfriend...he has told me before that he loves me. This was just, different. Like it was no big deal. Definitely something he has trouble with. He doesn't hardly tell his family that he loves them, either. It was just so nice and comforting and gave me that warm feeling inside!!!

Charisse said...

I have tooons of folders on my computer at home - and on my photobucket account. But I only have the two folders on my work computer