Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Did you think I was pregnant?

NO, not me!!

But it is someone in our family. We all a little shocked but cautiously excited. This could be a lot of fun. Or it could be a big disaster. I am hoping for option number 1 but am prepared for option number 2. Getting ancy yet? Got any ideas who is pregnant? SMILING REAL BIG

ITS PRINCESS!!!! Our 6 year old Yorkshire Terrier. She is gonna be a first time Momma dog. I have been wanting to breed her for some time but this was a total, and I do mean total accident. We have been struggling to keep Princess in the yard while she was in heat. So the week of New Years Princess got out at least 3 times. She was located a few doors down. We have a neighbor 3 houses down that has 2 little males. They are definitely not the dogs/ or dog I would have chosen to breed her with but what can you do.

This is Princess's mom, Penny with her sweet Pups, one being Princess.

So it looks like we are gonna have a few DORKIES on our hands. Yeah, you are reading that right. The Doggie world has chosen to call these pups Dorkies. They are going to be hybrids. That means you know what the Mom is and you know what the Dad is. The Dad/ or Dads are full blood miniature Dachshunds. One has the same coloring as Princess and the other is solid brown. They are really cute little dogs so we shall see what Princess shall produce. This is my first time with the whole Birthing thing with a dog. I am not sure how I will do but I am preparing for the day.

Here is Princess with her Litter mates

It looks like she will give birth some time in late Feb. She is really starting to show. She has gained 2 pounds since the first of the year. Her belly is bulging. I can not pick her up with one hand any more. She has become very tired, lazy. Still barks at the mailman and anyone who walks by the house but sleeps a whole lot when she used to play Frisbee or fetch with her toys or ball. She can not jump on the bed anymore and is really struggling to jump onto the couch. She is very funny with the kids now too. She will let Zero pick her up and rub her belly. But when Zero puts her down she snaps. It is really funny. Her teets are large and swollen. I think they might be leaking too because she licks them all. the. time.

Here is Zero after getting her home. She is thrilled

I am excited because I want another pup and for it to be her pup with be perfect. Here are a few pictures of Princess as a pup.
Here she is with Zero, who is super lovey with her
Here she is after finally getting her ears up.


Our Naquin Family said...

OHH She was a cute little puppy~~A Dorkie that is too funny!

Taylors Make Four said...

My parents have a dorkie, my mom wants one of yours now too! Our little Zoey is turning 9 in August--her picture is on my January 2nd post. My mom is willing to drive all the way out there to get one of your pups (grandma! ha ha)! Princess is adorable!

Worm's Woman said...

How cute and congrats! If you would like any advice on birthing pups let me know. I can get you in contact or pass your questions on to my aunt. She breeds and shows dogs. They are her life. She just had another liter of American Eskimos born right before Christmas. Our Sassy is from one of her dog's liters. Sassy's dad is #1 Boston in the UKC.
This should be lots of fun for you and I look forward to the pictures soon!

Dover said...

I cant believe I will be a grate grandma....Pogo & Penny are so proud of Princess!!
Penny was such a good mom I am sure Pincess will be too.
Keep us posted!

Keyona said...

Can't wait to meet the Dorkie's!! :o)