Saturday, February 28, 2009

Plum Thumb

Tonight I was trying to be a good mommy and decided to take the kids bowling. After they each woke up from their naps, I made sure they had socks, shoes and coats on. Zeus was dragging his heels like always.

I thought it would be ok to be lazy. Yes, I know I shouldn't do that but I did.
We ordered a pizza and a couple meals for Zeus and me.

Ordered the correct sizes of shoes and then the search was on.

OH yes the fun hunt to find that perfect ball.

The kids did great! We found a bright yellow 7 pounder, perfect for them to share.

Zeus got all the names typed into the machine while I put everyones bowling shoes on their sweet little feet.

We bowled in order of age, this way we avoid any arguments over who goes first or last. It just works better this way.

So we get through 2 rounds and Zeus goes to the bathroom. While gone Zulu tries to help Ziggy get his ball. Ziggy was not going for that. So he decides to take the ball away from Zulu and the tug of war begins and just before I could break it up Ziggy falls to the ground just mear seconds after winning the fight. He falls face first never letting go of the ball. As soon as he hit the ground those blood curdling screams pierced my ears.

My first thought was "oops, you ok?" No that was not cutting it. He was hurt. He has holding his right thumb and within 2 minutes it had turned beat red and several shades of blue and purple as it swelled to the size of a plum. Oh my goodness, I felt horrible. He cried for a long time. He was really, really in pain. Zero ran to the food counter to get a bag of ice.

Ziggy just wanted momma to hold him.

I can't even begin to tell you the feeling it is to have your child just want you and nobody else. It was so special. What was terrible is, I could not make the pain go away.

After Zeus held him, examined him and talked to him Zeus reassured me that it was not broken and was not dislocated. I felt for sure it was really injured. Zeus says otherwise.

I had to hold him the rest of the game, gently putting him down when it was my turn. As fast as the ball was released from my fingers I scooped him up to hold him and comfort my poor child.

Nevertheless, he did not get to finish playing, nor did he want to.

We quickly finished the game and hurried home to get some pain killers into his system so the constant throbbing would cease.

Now that we are home he is being very calm and quiet after getting a dose of acetaminophen. Poor guy, he is definitely going to lose that finger nail for sure. It looks nasty. I will get some pictures tomorrow and post an update.

Say a little prayer for Ziggy that the pain does not last too long.

Fun times in the life of the Haskins House. Come back soon.


Charisse said...

AWWWW...poor little baby. It is so awesome to feel wanted and needed...but so sad when it is because they are hurt.