Friday, February 6, 2009

Paw Paw

This past Jan. my children and I finally got to meet my biological father. He and his wife flew out here to visit with us a few days. If you are wondering how it all started read here. It was really cool and exciting for them to come all this way for us and me.

So the trip was going well and the kids were having a blast with more grandparents. They attach themselves very quickly to people. I think I know where that comes from. Probably me. Paw Paw was really tired and went to bed early one night while Maw Maw, Mommy and the kids watched a movie. After finishing the movie and getting ready for bed I sent the kids to bed. Zulu on the other hand had other plans. As you know Zulu is extremely rough, bull-headed, independent, animated and just a little character. He has so much spunk. So he here's something coming from Paw Paw and Maw Maw's bedroom so mister curious does not continue to his room. OH no. He decides he is gonna check on Paw Paw. He bursts into Paw Paw's room to find him snoring.

I gotta jump in here and give you a history lesson.

At our house on the weekends and Zeus' days off, we parents like to sleep in a little. I mean something past 7 am not to exceed 10am. The kids are not allowed to come in until we call them. Seems fair enough, right. When I usually call the kids in Zeus likes to act like he's asleep. Then that is when the kids go to work. They have to get him up and out of bed. This involves leaping babies, Karate chopping boys, kickboxing girls and whatever else they come up with. Zeus usually will snore will loud when they are getting close. Zulu will get in his face and yell at him and open his eyes and do everything in his power to get his Daddy out of bed.

So back to the story

Zulu runs over to Paw Paw and grabs his face ever so gently, not and smushes his cheeks together all while yelling "YOUR FAKING". Oh yes, but this time it really is not Daddy trying to get the kids to attack, this is really sleeping Paw Paw, who BTW really is snoring loudly. I can not even imagine Paw Paw's startled waking to an oh so loving and sweet little boy right in his face. HILARIOUS!!! Poor Paw Paw!! Welcome to the Haskins family is all I can think of. I think Maw Maw and Paw Paw will never forget that one. Neither will I and I promise to remind mister Zulu as he grows up. Never underestimate a child. You just never know what they will come up with and when.
Stay Tuned for more adventures from the Haskins House


Worm's Woman said...

Hillarious!! Glad y'all had what sounds like a really fun time getting to know each other and bonding!!