Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy, Happy...................


Oh the sweet sound of music. This time it is playing in my head though. The song of today is....... Happy Birthday Baby. You know, Ronnie Milsap, long time ago.

So today I must dedicate my post to my husband of 9+ years. Today is the day that he reached adulthood or manhood.

Does that count?

Yeah, my Nana says you are not grown until you reach 30. So it must be true!

I guess Zeus is finally a man. HAHAHA

Today is that super special day, Zeus' 30th birthday. Whats too bad is he is in Chicago on a business trip and we are here at home. So no crazy balloons, presents or cake, well maybe cake, he just won't get a piece of it. The kids might insist on it.

So what do you want to know about Zeus?

Here are 30 things you might not have known about my dear Zeus

1. He was born in Mount Vernon, Washington Feb 13, 1979.

2. He has an older sister, and 2 younger brothers.

3. He loves to fiddle with computers

4. I am his first kiss and the rest you can figure out. (we have 4 kids)

5. Zeus is very quiet and reserved at first

6. Then he will use his famous sarcasm to get under your skin or make you laugh

7. He loves to surprise everyone and anyone

8. Spontaneity is something he is really good at

9. He is a chocolate fanatic

Funny Story
{ One time I hid all the chocolate in the house and he was desperate so he raided my baking box only to find a baking bar, he ate it. Oh yeah, he needs his chocolate .}

10. Zeus is very loyal

11. Zeus graduated the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors degree in 2004 and Masters degree in 2008

12. He loves Italian and Mexican and can't stand ANY seafood

13.He has been active duty military for 10 years now

14. He loves to read historical mystery and most history novels.

15. He is a wonderful dad to our 4 beautiful babies

16. He has become the love of my life and without him I would be extremely lonely and seriously stressed and oh so sad.

17. Zeus does not do a good job showing his love for anyone

18. Zeus loves to watch football

19. He also loves to play basketball

20. He can not cook worth anything, he has a hard time following recipes even

21. He can eat a whole batch of cookies or a whole bag of M&M's in one sitting

22. He does not have a very good sense of style, I pick out the ties and matching shirts

Am I tattling here? NO, just being honest, Sorry Z

23. Zeus has a look a like. Omega is his exact replica, brain and all

24. He is one of the hardest workers you will ever encounter, EVER

25. He works so hard he can not walk away until everything for that day or the next is complete

26. He loves to see me smile, he will tick me off just to get the smile I give when I am so furious it turns funny

27. He hates to do housework

28. He is the best wrestler our kids have ever known

29. Zeus will do just about anything if you can get him to believe it is his idea

30. Zeus hates to talk about feelings, that's why I do so much of it.

Happy Birthday Zeus. I love you and I hope you have a great day even though we are not with you on this amazing milestone.



Keyona said...

Happy Birthday!!! :o)