Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tiny Task Tuesday!!!

I was talking to my mom today and she told me about a dear family friend that after 18 years lost his job, indefinitely laid off. Surprised, oh yes. This is not the first story in our downward spiraling economy. Now, these stories did not happen 25 years ago. Why? What happened 25 years ago was a friendly neighbor helping out the single mother with her plumbing or broken fence. The church that helped with the cost of funerals for deceased members. Someone who would pull over to help you out if you ran out of gas or needed a battery jump. Do you see this today? Absolutely not. We have turned into selfish, self-centered people that do not want to help or put forth any effort if we get nothing out of it. REALLY? Can you say you are proud of America when this is what we have turned into? I can't. When did we become such greedy idiots? Yeah, I am talking about us as a whole. This is not race, sex, or age based it is all encompassing. 2009 has brought us ridiculous people that are all about themselves. This share your boat mentality is no longer. I feel extremely scared for my children's future. I think what happened was the loss of Jesus Christ several years ago when someone got offended about the Pledge of Allegiance. A loophole was created and now everyone believes God should be pushed aside and we should take control. Well take a good luck at what WE have done. We have definitely taken the reigns. The friendliness, helpfulness, and caring acts of all were pushed away/aside right with God.

Everyone is trying to fix it by throwing money here and bailing out this and that when all we need to do is get back to the basics. Lets rewind our minds and thoughts. We can hold America together. But the glue is God, Jesus, the bible and honesty among most. We need to force each other to be honest. If immigrants saw that we Americans were honest maybe we could rub off and spread the honesty toward them. They would in turn become citizens, pay taxes and become law abiding citizens. Right now, they do not follow rules, they are not honest, they do not pay taxes, they make money and send it back to their home country. Do we see any of it? NO. Do we benefit from more jobs? NO. Do we raise tax revenue from them? NO. You see a lot can be solved with just very little.

Rather than try to get more for yourself reach out and help someone else. Send a box of clothes to a needy family. Go mow the neighbors lawn without receiving payment. Call your neighbor when his/her dog gets out instead of the pound. Go clean a church building. Go to your local library and help stock books. Meet your neighbors. Check on your extended family regularly. Coach a little league team. Help chaperone a elementary field trip. Read to senior citizens. Put on a smile and talk to a stranger. Many simple things we can do. Step up, commit yourself to one act a week. ONE, that is only 52 things a year. Not very much but when someone sees you stepping up they feel obligated to step up too. Then we start multiplying and before you know it 6 months down the road your acts of kindness are now several states away. You may never physically see those acts happen but you will see our country start to rebuild itself. You will see happier children, safer neighborhoods, more jobs, and less homelessness and less hungry. So when you watch the news this week and more job losses are released and gas prices go up and more stores close just know there is something you can do. It does not require any money/financial backing. It just requires your time and caring attitude. A new President is about to assume the office of CEO. We can help in his effort to Change. We all voted for Change now step up, change yourself in order to help America. Our children are counting on us. One act per week. You can do it. I have committed this week to

1. Coach a little league basketball team

2. Volunteer for the Presidential Inauguration.

My 2 small acts this week will continue with a positive attitude, the words Hello, How are you? and my helpfulness to the children and people.

I challenge you. What will you do this week? Will your Tiny Task Tuesday go unanswered or will you join me and my journey to truly change America?

Blessings and Congratulations


Keyona said...

Good for you girl! I will join you next Tuesday.

BTW, I left you a little something over at my blog...check it out