Thursday, January 22, 2009

Surprise I died

Last night as I was attempting to get dinner ready and Zeus was trying to get Omega and Zulu out the door to Basketball practice Ziggy decides to be silly. He runs into the kitchen while all of us are chatting and proceeds to choke, pretend choke. I think he just learned this last week. I have seen him do it before but not to this extreme. As he is "choking" he falls down on his back in the middle of the kitchen floor. Then his eyes close, his head rolls to the side and his tongue falls out. Zeus and I look at him and can't stop laughing. Zero was laughing so hard I don't think she was able to stand up straight. Guys, seriously. Zeus asks" Did you teach him that." I say"Heck NO" He either taught himself or one of these older hooligans taught it to him. It was so funny, he laid there on the floor so still for a LONG time. Then he JUMPS up and says "Surprise I died." Man, I'm telling you kids can be hilarious sometimes.


Charisse said...

That is absolutely hilarious. I love little kids. I was just talking to Benjamin about our crazy babies. They crack me up as they are learning new things every single day.