Saturday, January 10, 2009


I am one of those people who loves to get out and experience things, even things I am not sure I will even like. So 2 weeks ago Zeus and I went to a Musical called Next to Normal. Well I was just in awe after we saw it so I decided that I wanted to see it again.

Yeah, crazy, I know but I knew if I did not go back that I would surely be regretful for not following through. So after inviting numerous people this week I ended up not having anyone to go with me. WOW, I must not be fun or maybe musicals just aren't peoples things. So disappointed me decided to stay home. Oh well, I thought. I guess it was not really that big a deal. But then Zeus stopped in at lunch and asked if I was going and I told him nobody wanted to go(with a big pooty lip and my arms crossed). He insisted I go because he did not want to here me whining later on because I didn't. So he makes a phone call and Wholla, done. I have a date. WOW, he needs to be my secretary more often. The lucky date was K, who by the way was hilarious. So we fought traffic all the way there, me panicking the whole time thinking we will miss the show because we had terrible D.C. traffic at 7pm on a Friday night. She is completely calm saying we'll get there in plenty of time. You see my biggest pet peeve of all time is tardiness. I like to get places at least 20 minutes prior to the time I need to be there. I had this instilled in me from early middle school days. So it has stuck with me and now if you or I are tardy or late I get super irritated. We made it with plenty of time and a great parking spot in the garage. Perfect.

Now this musical is fairly new to the circuit. It was written in the early 2000's and was previously performed in NY. Most of the original actors/actresses came from the prior showing in NY so they mesh great together. I must RAVE about this absolutely amazing yet emotional ride these characters take you on. They tell such a true, believable story that one could imagine themselves in. The story line is about a woman's life as she deals with love, depression, grief, medication and the hilarity of psychiatry. It gives true understanding of how an average family navigates through life. I love how the music tells the story. Not too many plane speaking lines, which is awesome. Perfect balance of comedy and drama. This is a provocative and intense performance. I was drawn to Aaron Tveit, who plays Gabe. His body, ummmmmmmmm well lets just say perfect. His eyes, expressed so much emotion. His muscles, they way he moved and stood conveyed the true frustration, anger and love he had. Amazing to have someone use their body language so simply and convey such deep emotion. His voice, oh dear how do I explain how beautiful and breathtaking the mans voice was, I can't but you can hear it if you go to one of the links. WOW, he was absolutely my favorite character. GORGEOUS!!!!!! YUMMMMM, I know I am married but this is my blog and I can dream. Deal with it.

So back to the show. If you get a chance to go see this truly eye opening performance and amazing new musical I urge you to do it. There is some harsh language but it is in keeping with the story line. There are twists and turns along the way that make your jaw drop. Yes, I will be buying a soundtrack to this WHEN it is produced. Until then I will listen to it online. Thanks Arena Stage the show was the best I have seen. Great job Tom Kitt, Brian Yorkey and Michael Greif. My play and musical desires just leapt into full throttle. I am all about the next performance. Maybe I will see Gabe again. HAHAHAHA.

Now K was so funny with her people watching. The faces went from normal to bugged out in 3.6 seconds. Absolutely hilarious. I thought she would slap a few girls silly with their inability to dress appropriately. Then there was this guy. OH YEAH, this guy. He was not easy on the eyes at all, slightly over weight but he smelt like a million bucks. K was sitting on an aisle seat and he was standing back behind her at like 8 o clock. She asked me if that was him who smelled so good and of course I nodded trying to be discreet. She abruptly turns her head all the way around and proceeds to sniff him. YES, she sniffed him for quite a while. Probably making him uncomfortable. Oh my word, I was laughing so hard I could have cried. She wanted that scent just not the man wearing it. Mercy me, she is so much fun to take out. So girls night out was an success. We both enjoyed the play and I will have visions of Gabe while I daydream today.
Get out and see a play you have no idea what you are missing. We spent $24 total and experienced true theatre.

Well I must get back to my own journey for now. Thanks for leaving me comments.


Keyona said...

That wasn't me was it? Did I really sniff the guy? Yeah, I guess I did. Seriously, he DID smell delicious!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to read that you loved the show. I've followed it since its time at Second Stage and absolutely adore it!

FYI, next weekend is closing, so if you want to see it again, that's last chance.

(FWIW, I go to the theatre by myself all the time and love it! If I waited for other people I'd never see ANYTHING!)

The Carneys said...

So glad you went and had a great time!! We were sorry to miss it, but really just needed to spend the weekend in. Keyona is always great for an awesome time and lots of laughs :)