Friday, January 16, 2009

My Shopping adventure

I decided it was time to take a little shopping adventure. So me and my sweet Ziggy took off before 9 yesterday. There is a mall about 30 miles North of us that seems to have everything. So that was our first stop. We shopped there for more than 2 hours, in and out of the dressing rooms. Ziggy doing well with every new trip back to the rooms. It was funny to watch him make himself at home. He had goldfish and my wonderful Pinky (AKA iPhone). I have downloaded several kids games and coloring to keep them busy in times of desperation. Yes, yesterday was a time of desperation. So the shopping went over well. I actually have never taken one of the kids for an all day shopping trip like this and the child not have a melt down. WHOO HOO. Thanks to a few snacks, stroller and Pinky for averting what I thought was the inevitable. It can be done folks. I did it!!! We ended up shopping at over 20 stores, including 3 malls looking for that perfect dress. Oh yes, you would have thought I was shopping for a wedding dress. But now that I think about it, I did not get to shop for a wedding dress so this was kinda my time to shine. I ended up finding just the one I wanted. It was a little over budget but gave me that feeling. You know that feeling, you are all giddy and you find yourself singing "Ten minutes ago","impossible" from the movie Cinderella. Come on fess up. I know you have done it. Well I have. Underneath this mother of 4 facade there is a Cinderella that loves to get all DOLLED up. She is trying to find her way out. The loot. It is a beautiful blue to green to blue prom dress/ball gown. It has beautiful sequence and glitter around the waist. I am so thrilled. I feel like a million bucks with it on. I don't need a special bra. I don't need any altering. It fits perfectly. Almost like it was made for me. Now, if I can only wear it. That is the true question. Zeus and I are suppose to get tickets to this dance you see. We were put in for it and should have heard something yesterday which makes me a little nervous but maybe we will get word today. Anyways, I am keeping my fingers crossed and will let you know as soon as I hear something. Wish me Luck. This could be a dream come true. For now I must get back to dishes and laundry. HUMMMMM, sounds a little like the real Cinderella. Ta Ta for now.


Keyona said...

"Impossible dreams are happening everyday". Yeah, I know that song. The dress looks beautiful on you. You make the dress, not the other way around. Love ya!

The Carneys said...

oooh your dress sounds gorgeous! Can't wait to see pictures beautiful Cinderella! PS I'm good with hair so let me know if you need an up-do or something, I'd be so happy to help!