Saturday, January 24, 2009

Marines, the Few, The proud or not so proud

I had a very unsettling experience this week with a couple of Marines. Actually there were 4 female Marines involved.

We were standing in the security tent waiting to pass through the metal detectors for the Commander-In-Chief Inaugural Ball. We were in line 2 of 4 and were standing directly behind 3 female Marines with ranks of E7-E9. First off, these 3 ladies were extremely rude and loud the entire time they were standing in front of us. I felt their snootiness, and gossip was extremely unprofessional. Zeus and I were standing very close to them but then again there were at least 200 other military and spouses in this tent with us. So we were all in close quarters. In line 3 there was a very young female Marine that looked like her rank was less than E-3. The 3, seemed to notice she was out of uniform. So the ranking Marine calls her out of line as loud as she could like this. "Sergeant come here." This ranking female proceeds to yell at her in front of the entire tent. Yes, the tent was as full as it could have been and THE 3 were the first in line standing right in front of the metal detectors for all to see. She literally threatens her and talks to her in the most demeaning way. She is not quiet, respectful or even discreet. I feel she relished the fact that she was reaming her in front of all these others. She was definitely intimidating her and absolutely without a doubt belittled her. Now, I am standing there becoming so agitated and irritated because the ranking Marine lacked the respect to pull her to the back or out of the tent all together to discuss the issue. No, she felt necessary to treat this girl like she was a slave. She definitely was demanding, I understand being uniform and following rules, but seriously we are all adults and this young E-3 and below is no exception. If you think that yelling at someone in front of 200 others is respectful, you are an idiot. And it sure as He!! is not going to gain you more respect. This is not basic training. This is not tech school. This is real life. If you want respect you need to respect others. After embarrassing the Sgt or whatever her rank to almost tears THE 3, proceed to gossip and joke about it so loud trying to gain attention, which they did. I bet money everyone was thinking the same thing I was. The gossip and insults kept up for more than 30 minutes. Listen, these ladies were not quiet in the least bit. It seemed they were trying to draw attention to the girl and her issue, which to me was extremely minor, but whatever. There was no cuth. There was no respect and absolutely no intelligence used in that situation. I was fuming mad by this point, ready to say something but Zeus was insistent I keep quiet and not get us kicked out. I obliged, unwllingly. I felt I was letting the young Marine down. It killed me to watch this. This is exactly what has come of our military. You wonder why young Marines do not stay longer than 1 tour. You wonder why the civilian world looks at Marines so negatively. You wonder why in the heck the Marine Motto is The Few, The Proud because at this moment I would have been completely embarrassed to be a Marine. I felt embarrased to be a fellow female veteran. Those 3 women just proved to me that they are shoving rank in others faces. They proved to me that respect is not important. They proved to me that power was more important than nurturing and training and teaching young Marines. That should have been there response. They should have seized the moment and taken her under their wing and given her some options with dignity. Not so. They choose the easy way out. I tried to let this go but the more I pictured it in my head the more angry I become. To me there was even a little underlying racism. The 3 were black. And the young one was White. I am not racist but I sure as heck know when that is a factor. These girls were definitely ridiculous. So I must say I was extremely disappointed with the professionalism. I feel this was much more hurtful to the Marine uniform than a small red purse. What about you? Too bad I held back to take their picture. I would have plastered it all over this internet. Unbelievable? Or is this what our military has become. Do I really want to be associated with this type of behavior. Thanks for listening and letting me get this off my chest. KARMA!!! Right, what comes around goes around. Maybe when they need a good teacher they get a big headed jerk that throws his rank around or something. I don't know but what I do know is that the only way to true respect is showing respect yourself.



Taylors Make Four said...

And that's why the Air Force rocks! When we were on base in Aviano, Italy, I never felt more at home with those other men and women of the Air Force.

Charisse said...

Wow.....people can be horrible matter who they are. We just have to go out of our way to make up for the rotten that is around us.

PS - my verification word down there that you have to type in to leave a comment is SHAMERS!!! Very befitting, I think.