Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Most of you know that Ziggy and I stay at home while the oldest 3 are in school. It is nice for us to have our time together to hang and play and talk and potty train. But the cutest, or saddest thing during the day is when Ziggy says, " where's the kids." Oh buddy, they are at school. He does not understand that we just can not go get them when he is ready. Lately it has been much harder for him because the kids were off 2 weeks and he had them here all day everyday. So yesterday he says where's the kids as he is coming down the stairs and WHOOSH the front door opens and 3 bright and shining faces come barrelling through. Ziggy says "KIDS". "I missed you." Then he proceeds to leap off the stairs onto Omega, which by the way is his birthday brother. They share the same birthday. It is so cute to see Omega hug Ziggy and give him big kisses. Zero is next in line to hug her baby. She loves to "baby" Ziggy. Zulu, well he is my independent child who does not want anything to do with anyone. Moody, yeah. He runs at the point his name is called. Ziggy usually attacks him when he is taking off his shoes. Poor Ziggy just wants a hug and Zulu just wants to talk to Twinkle. This seems to be the daily routine just about everyday. You would think Ziggy just got a new car, won the lottery or something to that effect. But no, it is only the kids coming home from school. So cute. Check back for more news and smiles from the Haskins House.