Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dreams can come true......

WOW, Inauguration Day 2009 was such a historic day and for so many it was the best day. I am thankful for the day and that the African American community finally can let go of the past. Now they are or should be considered equal. Enough of that, let me tell you of my fabulous story. What started out as a day in the bathroom. A day I thought I would stay in the bathroom, if you know what I mean turned out to be a dream come true. Zeus scored Inaugural Ball tickets on Saturday. OH yeah, they were official ball tickets. Commander in Chief Ball, this is the one where active duty, spouses, wounded warriors, fallen heroes spouses, and medal recipients would be attending. So I never ever imagined that I let alone Zeus and I would ever attend an Official Inaugural Ball. Woah!!! This had to be a dream. From the time I heard they were giving the tickets out I wanted so badly to go, not just to go but to get all dolled up and be that beautiful Cinderella I knew I could be. So I emailed a friend of mine and she agreed to come do my hair and makeup for me. What a sweet girl, Thanks Janelle. She did a fabulous job. I had secured a babysitter earlier in the week hoping I would get tickets. So that was all set. Zeus was kicking and screaming about going the whole time too. Whiny butt!!! He had no idea how many of you would love to replace him. But because he knew it would make me a super happy wife he obliged gracefully. We geared up for the long Subway/metro ride with what could be hundreds of thousands of people either leaving the Inauguration or going to a ball themselves. We allowed extra time, and because I hate being late Zeus thought we should leave 3 hours prior to the show. The ride on the train was not too crowded getting downtown. It however was freezing cold in a Ball gown with no hat and no closed toe shoes. My toes were completely numb by the time we walked the 3 blocks to the event site. When we arrived we were given ROYAL treatment. We were allowed to walk on closed streets and they had a heated tent set up for us to go through security outside. We were 4th and 5th in line. We waited about 30 minutes for the doors to open. Once they opened the wounded warriors went first. As it should be. There were over 317 families with wounded Warriors. It was so sad but also so amazing to see the support those men and women received all night long. After they all went through we proceeded to enter. The first thing I thought when we walked in was WOW. Just stunningly beautiful. Amazing how simple yet elegant the night was about to be. There were TONS of news agencies. We walked around and scouted for seats. Once we had seats we had an official photo taken and browsed the area, stages and drink tables. There was a bar, but Zeus and I choose to just drink coke. We did not need alcohol to party. I wanted to take it all in. So the music started with a 70's cover band that is considered the greatest cover band in the world, RIGHT ON!. They were so fun. Funky. Hilarious. I think they were as excited as all of us were to be there. They played tons of great songs, while wearing sequins, GoGo boots, feather boas, crazy hats and brightly colored outfits. I enjoyed myself with them. They were really interactive with the crowd which was really amazing. How humbling to see famous people appreciate you and your sacrifices and show their appreciation. So the night began very slowly. We talked to 3 young marines for a long time while waiting for the show to roaring. We also a reservist that was alone and turned out to be a sweetheart. She was really nice all night. Once the National Anthem was played by our very own Marine band Mr. Joe Biden and his wife Jill showed up. They spoke a little and joked with some troops in Iraq via a live feed. Then they danced together for 1 song, said their good byes and were out the door. It was really quick but I got a good video of them dancing. Then we were on to the good stuff. Substance. George Lopez was the emcee. He liked to call himself Lobama. So silly. I got brave and walked up to him and talked for a brief moment and got my picture taken with him. Very cool guy. Thanks G.L.
Then it was time for the singers. Jordin Sparks was the first up. I was able to make my way to right front of the stage. She was beautiful in her flowing red gown and bare feet. She sang 3 songs, one of which is my all time favorite, No Air. Yeah, I got that one on video too. She was just gorgeous. And Thankful. She was so grateful. She talked to us for a a few minutes and cried as she talked. It was so sweet. WOW, Thank you Jordin Sparks. I love you girl. I watched you all the way through American idol and am so thrilled I got the opportunity to experience your gorgeous and melting voice. WOW!!!

Then we had my most favorite singer and probably to most well known singer. The biggest reason I wanted to go other than the Historical meaning behind it would be the Headliner. Jon Bon Jovi. Oh yes, you can bet I was gonna get as close to that man as I could and yes I did!!! Right on the stage dead center. WHOOO, HOOOO!!! Oh yeah he spit on me. He touched me!!! ummmmmmmm, melting inside. You ask me if he is as gorgeous in person as on t.v and I tell you BETTER. Oh yeah, that man to be as old as he is, is down right beautiful. Lets just kill him, stuff him and I'll keep him on a stand in my Living room. You can come visit. How's that sound? This man's voice is so amazing. Funny thing about him singing, he had to have the lyrics. There was a song book on the floor in front of me, just behind the guitar amp. Quite funny. I was about 2 feet from him the whole time. Relishing. Wait one minute while I wipe the tears of joy from my cheek. My heart was pounding so fast. But I just sang right along with him. Guys this was just a dream that I thought would never happen. To be that close to one of my favorite singers was breath-taking. There are not enough words to describe the feelings and emotions I was experiencing. While I was center stage Chris Tucker showed up and introduced the deadly eyed Smokey Robinson. Yes ladies he sang directly to me. He held my hand and looked me right in the eye. HEAVEN!!! He too spit on me. Never would I say that I loved be spit on but by this two gorgeous beings I was happy to be in THAT spot. and so happy to be ME, standing in front of them.

The next singer was Josh Groban. Again, another amazing singer with a beautiful voice. He sure can play that piano. When he sang his eyes were closed. He is such an emotional singer. It was such an honor to be in the same room with these stars. Along with the new Vice President and President Biden and Obama and their beautiful wives.

The food was served hoer derve style. I mean little waiters and waitresses walked around with beautiful trays of Shrimp scampi, crab cakes, coconut chicken, sausage, Cheesecake of my different flavors. It was very funny because when you saw a gaggle of people you could bet there was food. The poor waiters did not get very far out of the kitchen before they were attacked by a mob of hungry military marines. Very funny. We would sit and watch and wait for them to surface and them POUNCE. Lovely food. I did feel like I got plenty of it though. The drinks were bar style. By that I mean you had to buy tickets based on what you wanted for the evening, wine, beer, hard liquor or just coke. We opted of just coke. I did not need alcohol to have fun. neither did Zeus.

Both the President and VP talked to us and did a live feed to troops overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. That was so nice and super cool to see them talk directly to our deployed military and call them by name and joke with them about the Cubs and Sox.

Then while we were watching some of the singers they wheeled out this cheesecake. Oh boy did it look good. After we all got done taking pictures with it we ate it. YUMMMY!!! So cold yet so good. Great job and props to the Chef and Cake decorator on that one. If only mine looked so good.

Sorry the pictures are not straight computer not cooperating and I want to get this up quickly. I will email the photos later on today. If you want some email me or leave me a comment. So after an amazing time and lots of dancing and singing my little heart out with J.B.J and J.S. I was so happy to end the night with one last picture, well maybe a few last pictures. Enjoy.

What I must say is, being in the military has not been easy. Many days I could throw my hands up and cry but I keep putting one step in front of the other and the days like these are what make it worth every moment we spend in the military. I have been associated with the Air Force for 2 months shy of 10 years now. I think if you never have experienced it you have no idea the struggles we go through but you also have no idea the family bond we have made with sometimes complete strangers. I love the military and will absolutely hate to leave it behind some day when that day arrives. Yes, Haskins, I said I love it. You caught me. To have the opportunity to enjoy and be thanked with perks such as this has been extraordinary. Thank you President Bush for starting this new tradition of the Commander in Chief Ball. In my 9 years of marriage I have never had the opportunity to put on a gown and go to a dance, ball or dining out. President Obama, I thank you for continuing the tradition and allowing us the chance to see you and let loose a little all for FREE.

(Sorry some pictures are turned, I will work on that, until then enjoy them)
Blessings and to all Make your new start today to change our world. Congrats Obama and Biden.

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I heard them mention this ball on the news last night, and I thought of your family and hoped that you were there. I am glad you were able to go. Just know you were in my thoughts yesterday.

Charisse said...

I was wondering if THIS was the ball you were referring to in your shopping adventure and I have been checking since yesterday to see any updates. I am so ecstatic that you were able to attend and get spit on!! LOL But seriously, I am happy you were there and treated so well and that you had soooo much fun.

Worm's Woman said...

I told Holly as I was taking her into school this morning since I just couldn't get up in time for the bus, that I had to make sure and check on the computer today to see if my friend in Washington made it to a ball last night. Of corse I then had to explain what a ball was. :) So glad you made it and got all the spitting you liked! You look gorgous and definately were ment to have that dress!!! It looks fantastic on you!