Thursday, January 8, 2009


Many of you know that Ziggy is the last one still in diapers. Zeus has been the one to take hold of the potty training. I help, don't get me wrong but with all my other duties it felt overwhelming to me to be in charge. Plus it is nice for them to be in control of something other than work. So I let him. So I made a plan that after the holidays I was going to start really being attentive to Ziggy's potty needs. So yesterday was day 3 of learning the routine. We take off our diaper, put the seat down on the potty, grab a book, climb on, push our parts down and proceed with our book reading. It is kinda fun. Takes quite a bit of time but he seems to be getting it. So yesterday he really did do it. Finally, Success, he pee-peed and pooped in the potty. He has super excited and told me when he was all finished. It was so great to see that smiling face. He was jumping for joy. Of Course he had to tell everyone. Today we start day 4. I am hoping we can be successful more than once. Wish me luck. I definitely do not enjoy this part of parenting. But, nevertheless, I will be sad when he does not have to have diapers anymore. He is a baby until that dreaded, oh I mean Happy day. Blessings


Charisse said...

I remember this time very well. I love that Lorelli learned to use the potty so early. I believe it came from her wearing cloth diapers. They say that cloth diapered babies potty training earlier. I had her going peepee in the potty at 2. It was incredible. My favorite part is not changing her peepee pampers first thing in the morning. WHEW!!! Now she gets up in the night to go potty....I am just awaiting the day when she gets up in the night to go potty ALL BY HERSELF and I don't have to wake up to wipe her little bum!!!!