Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend full of fun!!!!

So this weekend was one for the books.

First off Friday night I had to take #1 to a birthday sleepover with her friends. Then I hung out with my favoritest girls baking cookies for hours and chatting. It was a blast. So nice not having ANY little ones saying "Mommy". Peace and quiet. Not even a nagging husband to be found. WOW, thanks Carlota, Janelle and Keyona, Sleepover here I come.

Then Saturday of course was 2 of my handsome sons birthdays. Yes, 2 born on the same day 4 years apart. Yes, they are both biological. HUMMM, What is 9 months prior? Take a wild guess. Yep that crazy romantic holiday and my Hubby's birthday. HAHAHA!!! I live to please. LOL.

I decided to let each of the boys open 2 gifts from out of town family. That way they had something new and could hold tight til breakfast and tide them over til the sis got home.

Junior ordered pancakes for breakfast so I obliged. I even upped the anty, I made mickey Mouse pancakes and INITIAL pancakes. Everyone got their first initial. Daddy got a D, Mommy got an M, Junior got a J, Riley and R, and Ryker an R. Courtney was still at her friends house so she missed the fun. I also made homemade Blueberry and Strawberry syrup. Oh yes I make our syrup from scratch. It is always better that way. Plus Junior loves blueberries so this satisfied him. Daddy scurried off to get sis after we were done with breakfast.

Once #1 was home we sat down and opened gifts. What fun it is playing with all new toys and getting new books and clothes. YIPPEEE!!! This is extra special because throughout the year the children only get gifts from Dad's trips, that's it. So birthday's and Christmas are special because stuff does not grow on trees here, being a single income enlisted military family I have to make this sacrifice. They understand. They may not like it and neither do I but that is just the way it is. Anyways it is lots of fun to get new and exciting things.

Dad decides that he wants to go shopping before our dinner celebration so the time to leave got moved up by an hour or so. We went to IKEA for a few things and then to the BASS PRO SHOP for a few others. Got everything we needed and then we were off to our place of celebration. MEDIEVAL TIMES!!!!

Oh yeah the kids got to pick the place and I had a B1G1 coupon so it was a good deal. Only had to pay for 3. Heck Yeah!!! Then we went in and the BB's got knighted where they are called out and kneel on a pillow and given a fancy robe and are officially knighted by the King with a sword. It was so cool. Ryker did it and everyone(hundreds of people) were saying "oh that is so cute, oh he is so cute, what a doll". I was the proud Mother standing by snapping photos. Ryan was smiling very big too. He was the Proud Papa. We got to our seats enjoyed the show and the children were awesome. They loved the food, yelled and screamed at the knights, just totally enjoyed themselves. So glad we went this route this year. So memorable.

Then we came home and sang happy birthday and had cake and played with more toys. Such a fabulous day. Watch Daddy's since of humor in the video.

Sunday, I had to go shopping to spend the birthday gift cards for the boys and check out a store for Hubby. #'s 1 and 2 went along for the ride. We were out a little late so we stopped and got dinner at the mall. WOW, it has been years since I went shopping in a mall. We had fun and came home missing on one item we went for. Soon after the doorbell rang, that is weird, it is after 7. I open the door and across the street stands a group of carolers. Oh how cool. They sang O Holy Night. Love it!!! Never seen that before. Then I had to get this 2nd grade fundraiser sorted out for all the kids. Boy was that an undertaking. They sold my Partylite candles for money for a few field trips. So I was in charge and had to sort them out per child and teacher. Then I had to wrap all the gifts for our families in TX and WA. I put 3 boxes together and packaged up to ship on Monday. WHEW, what else could I fit in? Not a speeding ticket Miss Key Key. Nope I followed the speed limits. (shout out to my home girl) All in all it was a fun and exciting weekend.


Keyona said...

Ouch! I felt that shot from way over here. Sorry me and Lael missed all the fun!

The Carneys said...

I had an awesome time too! So nice just to hang out and laugh :) What an awesome birthday for your boys! I bet they felt very special!!