Monday, December 1, 2008



Ryan is fine for now. He had to get a tetanus shot at the hospital and we are to watch for lyme disease symptoms over the coming weeks. Looks like he got the head out too. YUCK!!! That has got the be one of the moments I will NEVER miss. Lets hope it doesn't happen again.

yeah no more late night homework sessions or long papers. I might get my husband back afterall


Its tradition at our house that we 1. have a real christmas tree and 2. we find it and cut it ourselves. Luckily we have been stationed very near to Christmas tree farms and that is great to keep this tradition. I grew up with live trees but they were from the local Boy scout lot in the middle of a shopping center parking lot. Not at all festive. So I vowed that when I had children I would take them to find that perfect tree every year. So for 9 years now this has been as Haskins family tradition. So we did our annual hunt. We had a blast. The kids love to run from tree to tree inspecting to see if there are holes, strange trunks and cone shaped. You know I have tried to teach them the characteristics Christmas trees should have. They are hilarious trying to see if they fit all the right rules. If we find one we think we like we leave a child there and continue on until we find another one. We always do it this way, plus with brightly colored coats you can spot them easily. It is funny. Anyways we narrowed it to 2 in a matter of like 30 minutes. It was great. Everyone decided what they thought and that is how we picked our interesting tree this year. It is a lovely 6 ft Scotch Pine. Oh so pretty with definite character, fits us perfectly. We always have to make sure everyone of the kids gets to help saw it down. Yes, we let them saw. It is tradition plus Daddy is right there so no injuries occur. So much fun. Here are a few pictures from our adventure



Taylors Make Four said...

ha ha, before looking at the pictures all I could think of was National Lampoon's Christmas vacation. . . .Audrie can't see it Clark, her eyes are frozen! hee hee!