Thursday, December 11, 2008

True Spirit of Christmas

Yesterday I received a phone call from a dear Aunt of mine who lives in The LONE STAR state. She adopted a little boy last year who is slightly bigger than all 3 of my boys. He is younger than Jr but much bigger, and by that I mean taller and larger feet. Anyways this past October she sent me a box of his hand me down clothes. The box had several pairs of shoes and at least 20 pr of pants and lots of super cute shirts and pj's. HUGE BOX. It was awesome. He is growing so fast so he does not get a chance to really damage the clothes. They are so new and super nice. I was so happy to be the bearer of such gifts.

So yesterday she calls and tells me since they do not have a little girl to share clothes with us they went and bought my #1 shoes, clothes and pj's. WOW!!! They were in no way obligated to do so. I truly had tears in my eyes because if you know my family you know that we struggle to make ends meet therefore forgoing new clothes for the kids. So this to me was a huge blessing. On top of that, Christmas this year will be very very thin for us. I have yet to even start shopping for my own family. I am not asking for pity just telling a story. So she says she has another big box of clothes for the boys including thermals and that kind of stuff. WOW, she does not have to do this. Nobody told her she had to share with me but she choose to and that is just so amazing. I am most grateful for these clothes because my boys will have somewhat new clothes and I can feel better about them looking more like children instead of rag dolls. So Aunt S and M thank you so much. The kids will be so very happy and I too will be smiling.

This is what Christmas is about. Sharing what we have with others. I too, share with others. I believe you can make a huge difference in someones life with a few small deeds. I challenge you to find someone that is needy whether it be clothes, shoes, coats, blankets, warm meal or just an ear to listen share with them and see how it truly is the spirit of Christmas. Blessings to all


Taylors Make Four said...

My youngest is starting to grow out of his clothes--in length--not in the waist--he wears a size 5 and 6. . . can I start a box up for the Haskins kiddos? I'd love to help out a fellow AF wife/momma!