Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poor Junior

All week the kids had been preparing for the festivities of today. The first graders do a performance for the winter. Like I said in a prior post we live in politically correct D.C. therefore we can not celebrate CHRISTMAS in the schools. The kids celebrate the winter holiday and Winter solstice, the shortest day of the day according to light. Courtney's class learned a song in sign language so they will be performing in today's event.

Junior told us he was going to be singing the National Anthem and another song. That is great. I told the 2 oldest that I would not make it to there performance since #3 is doing his performance at another school near the same time. WHEW, they were both ok but asked if Dad was going to be able to make it. He said he would try. NO promises. Plus Dad's are not very good at those things. At least Ryan is not. So this morning Courtney puts on her required black and white outfit, which by the way is a dress. Go figure!! Then Junior picks out a cute long sleeve button down shirt with slacks and a TIE. Oh yeah, He goes all out for these things. I just nod my head and say sure. He really likes to dress up. Quietly I think if he were a girl we would be just like Courtney in the prissy sense. Junior loves to look handsome, or as he says pretty.

So after I got out of the shower this morning the phone rang and I did not recognize the number. I answered it and it was Juniors teacher. She was laughing but very concerned. She said Junior is fine but he was very upset because they were not really singing in the 1st grade production this morning. She said earlier this week she made up a story using the class and the Star Spangled banner. So Junior took it literally and thought that is what his class was singing in the winter performance. She said he was really upset because he told his Dad and he was suppose to come watch him. "OH GEEZ", she said, "I feel so bad", so she said if Ryan did show up to the performance that he could come up to the classroom and watch the kids sing for him if need be. So Junior is quite upset he is not performing and missing his Dad. It is funny to think how he got so convinced he was singing and was never actually told you are singing today. But sad that he really had his heart set on singing for Dad. Oh Poor Junior.


Keyona said...

OH poor kid! So sorry he didn't get to sing. Tell him I am expecting him to sing to me (in a tie) on Christmas Eve.

The Carneys said...

oh bummer!! that is so sweet that he was so excited and got all dressed up- what a handsome little man!!