Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Christmas Festivities

If you been following my blog for a while you know that I thrive on opportunity or so called experiences. What ever you call it I love it and take full advantage of them all. So I ran across a commercial on T.V. about a water skiing Santa. WHAT???

I know you are wondering she is not watching the same TV I am. Yes, really I am and I was sober. It is true, it is a 23 year old Washington tradition, Santa skiing the Potomac. Right up my alley of never been seen before. This year a new tourist destination was completed here in Washington. It is called the Washington National Harbor in Oxon Hill Maryland about 1 mile south of D.C. IF you visit D.C. you should visit the WNH. Anyway so the Santa was going to ski off the pier there at the Harbor having moved from Hains Point,D.C in the prior years. I always gotta call my ladies and let them know of the impending trips or latest news or gossip. K takes me up and says "You know I'm in". So we took all 5 kids at 12:15pm on Christmas eve to see Santa, reindeer, penguin, Frosty, Grinch and lots of elves do their awesome water stunts in the middle of Dec. It was freezing yes. We were bundled very well, besides stubborn La but she got Mom's stuff so K was left to freeze. Anyways the kids loved it and we had front Row seats underneath the CNN cameramen. Yeah that was funny. We saw knee boarding Reindeer, wake boarding and flipping elves, Flying elves, Frosty in a dingy, Grinch on a jet ski, skiing Santa, and several other characters in the jet boats. All was well, another experience for the books. DONE!!!! Check!!


Then that evening I had planned to have all my close friends and their friends over for a potluck sit down dinner. I was so stressed trying to get Ryan and my bunch to cooperate and do EXACTLY as I instructed. Did they listen? NO Did Ryan do what wife wanted? NO Does he ever? NO Should I know that by now? YES Anyways ALMOST all of it got done with lots of raised voices and telling them 3 and 5 times how to do it. Everyone showed up around 5:15ish and we waited on one family til 6. Yes Carlota I watched the time. HAHAHA, C was having a hissy fit because she was hungry. You would have thought she was a kid. Yes, C, I love you girl. You always give me something to smile about. Anyways the dinner was a huge success minus gravy and cranberry sauce. I had to scarifice something, in my haste to get it ALL done by MYSELF I ran out of time and forgot those 2 dishes. Nobody said anything so I think I got away with it. Thank goodness because I wanted my first Dinner party to be a success. I really think it was. Then we played this hilarious game I found on the Internet where you roll dice in a pie tin and when you roll snake eyes you get to open a gift using Winter ski gloves. The game called for oven mitts but I changed it to suit me and my style. The gloves did get a little sweaty though. YUCK, they will be getting a bath tomorrow. But it was so much fun watching everyone try so hard to unwrap the LAYERS of paper and cellophane and to see someone just get the gloves on only to had them to someone else. Then we had a special treat from C's hubby M. He read a story called A Cajun Christmas to all the little ones, 16 to be exact. It was a great story and very funny but
those chillins really did listen. Little A always has the cutest comments too. After that we had dessert and played Taboo. The guys got a little loud, rambunctious and down right rude at times but I did not let them get away with it. OH NO, not Miss Dusty, I gave it right back. That athletic, competitive side of me came storming out in full force. Ryan probably got embarrassed with me but that was OK with me because the tables finally got turned. WHOO HOO!!! All in ALL it was a great Christmas eve. I did miss my family but was not near as lonely as past Christmas' away from home. Thanks Marshall's, Hernando's, Tracey's, Naquin's and Hameed's we had a blast and with your help the clean up was next to none. We have to get together more often and be together.


Christmas morning was all about the babies. At 6:15am 2 children crawl into our bed. The rule is to get Mommy and daddy up first before we check out Santas loot. We had great fun watching the eyes light up and the GIANT cheers and Yes's from Jr. He won the animated award for today. Ryker was pretty good but Riley cried every time he had to open a gift with another child. He absolutely hated sharing the opening. So funny. Tried hard not to laugh at him. He was thrilled with all those transformers though. Ryan was a great Dad and helped get everything open and out of its ten dozen twist ties and ten tons of plastic. Boy that is always a chore. We had an amazing Christmas was lots of surprises both good and bad, lost a gift while wrapping during the week, but I have got to say the best part for me this year was shopping for the kids and finding those great and perfect presents. I love Christmas and I love our tradition of waking up and opening gifts one at a time in reverse age order. It is so much more calm and not much, if any, gets lost. It lasts about 3-4 hours but it is so worth it. Thanks to all those friends and family for their generous gifts to our family. We feel extremely blessed and grateful to have you in our lives. Here are a few photos and I will try to upload the video of M reading the story.

Merry Christmas to all and I pray the Lord blesses each of your families in a Historical New Year. God Bless and Sweet Dreams

P.S. More photos to come, waiting on my girl K to upload them!!!


Our Naquin Family said...

We had a wonderful time~~~! Excuse me for being hungry! Next time I will bring my own appetizers! :)

Keyona said...

I had a blast! I will be uploading the pictures right now! :o)