Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nutcracker, Ballet that is

Last night I got the opportunity to take my babies to the beloved Nutcracker ballet. OH yeah, I jumped at the thought of sharing childhood memories with my chillins. I called up my girl, Keykey, as the kids would say, and asked her if she wanted to go. She was all in. Alright, we're on. It was so fun getting all the kids just to the nines. Courtney of course, was thrilled to be in a poofy, fancy dress. She loves to get dolled up and oh how I love helping her. It was just like I remembered. OH how I miss being able to dance like that. I think after seeing it I might sign myself up for a ballet class come the first of the year. I really do miss it. Anyways we had a blast. This was the first time for all 5 kids and Keyona. OH YEAH, I got to school them. Here are a few pictures we took. It was totally worth it.

As we were on the way home Junior#2 says in the most serious of tones, "Mom I learned how to be a Nutcracker."

Me: yeah, what's that

#2- You just be still

Me and Keyona: laughing.......

#2 : You just pick me up and carry me around.

Me: I am so glad you learned something.

Oh my, if this is what I am teaching them we just might be in trouble later on. OH BOY!!!
And here's one I know she is not going to share but just proves how silly and dorky she is. Everyone, I am so happy to introduce you to my girl, Mrs. Keyona.
Oh yeah, that was in the bathroom!!!


Keyona said...

Ahhh!! I'm so embarrased...not of the picture but all the tissue in the background! I look pretty cute though huh?? LOL! :o)