Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jr's attempt at cleaning

Yesterday the kids had the day off for Parent teacher conferences and we were doing some cleaning and tidying. Normally Riley cleans the spit from the bathroom sink. But today Jr was doing it. Riley goes in to see what he was doing and was quick to yell at him. I came immediately to assess the situation. Riley is now crying and is super upset with Jr.

I ask Jr, "what is going on son".

He says" Riley does not like how I cleaned the sink."

Me: "how were you cleaning the sink."

Jr: " I used this toothbrush that we don't use any more."

Riley: "Jr that is my toothbrush, your suppose to use a washcloth."

Jr: "oh, I thought we did not use that one, I use that one all the time to clean the sink."

Me: Hiding the smile on my face and trying desperately not to laugh out loud " Jr let me have the toothbrush so I can disinfect it. Jr we have to use a rag or washcloth to clean the sink honey. Riley could get really sick if he used this."

Riley: " I always use that toothbrush."

Jr: " I didn't know"

Oh my goodness, what a mess. That is awful and to think this is not the first time he has done that. Well, at least Riley has a strong immune system. Can it get any funnier or worse?
Poor Riley.


Keyona said...

Oh that is so funny and so gross at the same time.

Diamond said...

Poor baby! lol!

Worm's Woman said...

lol! This is totally something my girls would have done when they were younger...that is if I could have gotten them to clean the spit in the sink...which I'm still trying to get them to do!