Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Cred i ble...................

Today was a very special day as you have read previously Zeus and I celebrated our 9th anniversary today. Zeus bought me this beautiful chocolate coat. A real coat. A fancy, furry and super warm winter coat. Thanks for the hints K. Zeus listens to you. I'll keep you around. Beautiful. Zeus knocked it out of the park today. Even though our celebration was quite cheap it was unbelievable. What started out as an average day turned out to be so much more. I left Zeus to do the planning and executing not knowing what would come up, but almost always he delivers with shining colors for our anniversary.

I have a dear friend who's husband is an awesome cook, that is an understatement too. Anyways we ran by their house after the babysitter showed up to let my friend Carlota know that she showed and we would not be needing her to babysit our boys while we had a date. So we pull up and I walk up to the door and Zeus follows since he was the one who asked initially if she would be the backup, or so I thought. I knock and C walks by the door, not answering it and hollers at Mike, her DH. I was a little thrown by this wondering why she did not even look at me and then Mike walks to the door in a TUX, minus the coat. He looked sharp!!! WOW, where is he going. I thought we might be interrupting him taking her out or something. I was definitely confused. He asked very calmly and gentlemen like for my coat. Wait, I am not staying what is he doing. I am still completely confused and a little dumbfounded to say the least. Anyways he says Ma'am right this way. Wait, I am still confused what is going on? Then Zeus says we are here. WHAT??? Aww the confusion. Wait, are we eating here. Zeus smiles and nods. C's house is all dark with lit candles everywhere. The dinner table is set with a gorgeous white and gold tablecloth and candles and fancy plates and glasses of iced water. HOLY CRAP!!! I must be living in a dream. Seriously yall, it is unbelievably romantic, even if it was my besties house. Matre De, Chef and waiter Mike is impressive to say the least. He has made HOMEMADE bread with amazing sauce/dip. He treats me like a Queen. So serious. Just like we were in a restaurant. He had made salads just to our liking. And he made, all from scratch mind you, shrimp fettuccine Alfredo for me and blackened chicken fettuccine Alfredo for Zeus since he despises seafood. WOW, if you haven't read before Mike is an awesome Cajun cook. He will have his own restaurant one day and I will be his best customer. I am in awe of his cooking skills. Guys, OOOOOOOHHHHHHH can he cook. YUMMMM. Anyways Zeus had set all this a couple weeks ago without my knowledge, obviously. I am just stunned how romantic and thoughtful this was. One, because Mike is my favorite cook and 2 because it was just not your average restaurant and 3 because it was all for ME. Yes ladies Zeus can be very sweet sometimes. The dinner was fabulous with gorgeous wine glasses and to die for wine, awesome food, excellent service and unbelievable talent. Once we finished our fantastic meal. Then we chatted with the generous hostess and Chef before we were off to see a play. (there was even leftovers to take home)

The play is always a delight. I really love getting out and feeling really classy. Dignified. It was an incredible play that was well written with beautiful music, strong emotion that tugged at your heart and beautiful actors. OHHHH, I could watch "GABE" all day. OHHHHHH, he was beautiful. Oh yeah, this is my anniversary better not think like that. Sorry, then we went for dessert but the place was closed so I had to settle and yes settle it was for IHOP dessert. It was lovely to sit and talk to my man. We shared a banana cheesecake with ice cream. YUMMMM, then we would have to get back so the babysitter would not be out all night. Seriously yall, my husband and my friends were truly wonderful today. I love special dinners and tonight's dinner goes down in the top 5 most romantic dinners in my life. I am so grateful to my friends for allowing us to eat in there beautiful home and cooking just for us. FANTASTIC. C and M, yall are amazing friends. Oh, I am giddy. Thank you Zeus, job well done. These 9 years have been remarkable and I look forward to the 71 we have left.

C took lots of photos and will be uploading soon and yes we got some with the chef/waiter too. I will put them up once I get them.

Super happy wife and very proud friend. I feel truly loved not only by my husband but by the very special friends that God has blessed me with.

Happy Anniversry to Twinkle and Zeus.


Keyona said...

Now that got me all teary eyed. I am so proud of Zeus I think I'll tell him myself. I'm so happy for you, you truly deserved to be pampered! :o)

Our Naquin Family said...

WE are so glad you both had fun! It was such a treat for us to be able to do it.