Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to Reminisce

This week I begin to reflect upon what happened just 9 short years ago. I was so innocently in love to who I thought was that perfect person. Yeah, I was young. We act like that when we are in LOVE or at least think we are. HAHAHA, This time 9 years ago I was scrambling around getting all the last minute preparations ready for that thing we call a wedding. You know, that day you dream of you whole life. In your head you have every little detail laid out. Your colors will be just so and your dress will look like this and the people will wear this. OH yes, I remember what it was like to be that little girl. I was her. The proposal would be something special to reflect upon that I would eagerly tell my children and grandchildren.

And then I woke up!!! And Real life struck me square in the head. The proposal, just ordinary. A phone call from Georgia to Mississippi and 7 short words, "What do you think about getting married." Um yes, this is a description of the EXACT, verbatim proposal I received. Shocked, are you? Not to me you see we were both in the military serving our country him in Georgia, me still in Tech school in Mississippi. That is just the path I was given, so I did what I wanted and took it.

There were MANY and when I say that it is an exceedingly large number of persons who thought I was absolutely nuts. I must have been drunk to have said yes, they said. We had so many Nay-sayers that it ended up being a very disappointing time in my life. I would never live up to all those that thought I could do better or be older when I married. Well friends, this week I am embarking on my 9 year anniversary of marriage to the man I love, I despise, I agree, I disagree, I listen, I ignore and to the one who stole my heart. He can get me going in just about every emotion. Come on get your head out of the gutter, I said EVERY emotion. He knows just how to pick me to death and then he knows just how to make me melt. Funny really. This person is definitely not the person that little girl would have chosen. He was definitely not cool. He was not social and was not the macho hunk she was hoping for either but he was the one that I could talk to and made me feel safe. I could be myself, silly and stupid and not worry about persecution later on. I could relax and have fun. I could do things around him and not worry what he was thinking. He was just as silly as me, probably more. Anyways to all those out there that said, "tech school marriages don't work. You'll never make it. You are crazy." Look guys we are celebrating 9 years of marital bliss or marriage hell. Whatever you want to call it. We call it married life.

Ryan has 2 motto's for us first, we agreed that we would stay married for 80 years and 80 years ONLY. Not one day more or one day less. So we are 9 down 71 more to go. Will we live that long, we may never know but we do know we are getting closer. The other is "Marriage is finding the person you can annoy the rest of your life." That says it all for him. I have yet to really find that annoying thing I can do to get under his skin. I hope I find it in the next 71 years though. Ryan has definitely perfected the annoying itche. He can annoy me better than anyone or anything on the planet. Yes, I will give it to him he wins most annoying award. My temperature level can go from 65 to 165 in like 10 minutes with him. Boy, can I get annoyed and completely irritated with him. But then I remember all those days that are good days. Marriage is never about perfection. Neither one of us are perfect. I am far from it but we desperately try to work together to accomplish this thing called life and oh yeah, parenting. Did I forget that part. WOW, we are like ying and yang when it comes to that. Some days I am the one all worked up in a tizzy and he is just so calm and quiet. Takes care of the puke or poop. And Then I can be the calm and collective one when he is out of control angry or the constant tattling. Interesting how we are ALWAYS opposite. Must be that funny mars and Venus thingy. Oh well, cool how it works.

So to you out there not yet married, newly weds or divorced I want to tell you. Marriage is never 50/50. There are many days when it is 100/0. God says we must work together as one flesh. This is perhaps one of the toughest things to do in the 21st century. We all want our own lives, we want to be known as ourselves not someones mother, father, wife or husband but I say to you this, in the eyes of God he knows who you are. So stand behind your partner and love them and love every mistake and accident they cause. I am learning this with mine. I really do love him and he can get under my skin but I am learning to love it. Today, I am a wife and mother but I am completely blessed to be this.

Looks like Ryan has a special dinner and play planned. OH how I love to go to the see the shows.

Happy Anniversary Ryan, I love you every little annoying part. We are 1 year closer to our goal.

December 30, 1999 in Fort Worth Texas I bound myself to the love of my life. Today we are 9 years old and getting stronger and healthier every day. So the fairytale never happened, but our lives are blessed with 4 beautiful, gorgeous and amazing children and we have so many things to be thankful for as our anniversary nears. I am so grateful to be his wife today. But just for today. Tomorrow is a different story. Have a blessed week and enjoy those final days of 2008. Be sure to ring in the New Year safely.


Keyona said...

Happy Anniversary yall! :o)

Amy said...

Congratulations on the Anniversary and Good Job! Marriage is HARD WORK!!!!