Saturday, December 13, 2008

2 years older

WOW, today is an amazing day in my life. Today Ryan Jr turns 7 but also his little brother Ryker turns 3 today. Holy Moly, I know you are thinking she is crazy.

Ryan Jr who was born several days late caused me lots and lots of pain. I had to be induced with Junior, so since I was not ripened or effaced or dilating more than a 1 an induction was the way to go. I was scheduled to be at the hospital on Dec 12th 2001 at 6pm. The doctors got me all settled in and Ryan got his computer and phone and camera station all set for the big event. Th doctor performed the lovely and extremely disgusting job of an enema. Now I am telling you this was AWFUL. If you have one of these be prepared cause its bad. After at least 45 minutes of pottying I got back into to bed weighing at least 3 pounds less than when I left. The doctors decided a needed ciredel, a small white pill used to ripen the cervix, the only catch is it goes into a 1 inch by 1 inch mesh bag that gets inserted at the base of the cervix. YIPPEE, I was informed once this was placed I was not to get up for ANY reason. I was thrilled. So the pitocin drip was inserted as well and immediately the contractions started, oh yes at a little after 7pm they were full throttle. I was given a little Demerol so that I could sleep while the pill worked its magic. Let me tell you something, sleeping through contractions is like trying to sleep on the bumpiest car ride you have ever been on. OH yeah, no sleep, no rest just pure agony.

At 6 am Dec 13th things started happening extremely fast. It really was lightning speed. My water was popped with the big long sewing HOOK as I call it. The pitocin was upped and things started moving. By 10 am I was completely irritated and totally ready to be done with all this baby cooking. Doctors started getting concerned because the baby's heartbeat was falling with every contraction to devastating lows. After a conference the doctors decided to check me and let me start pushing. I was only dilated to a 7 but we were only looking at 1 hour before a c-section were to occur. So the sweet doctors suited up and the pushing began. The doctors actually had to pull my hips apart to get me to a 9. OH NO THAT WAS TEERRRRIBLLLLEE. Extreme pain. After getting his head out I was told to STOP. Really can you stop in the middle of pooping? Heck no. That was more pain and agony. We had the head out but the cord was wrapped around the neck several times so nurses unwrapped the cord and waited a couple seconds for him to turn pink since he was a muted shade of blue. Then I had to be instructed how we were going to get the shoulders out since it appeared he was a slightly large baby. After the lesson I proceeded to push but very slowly with lots of do this, wait, stop, push, wait, stop, push, wait, stop........ Finally the shoulders were out and he was here. OH THANK YOU LORD JESUS. Oh how I was tired. Instance reactions by all in the room was quite scary. The looks were that of shock. I was frightened but too tired to worry. The baby was whisked away soon after the first kisses. Then several minutes later Hubby comes in smiling like he is king of world saying he is huge honey. He shows me the camera and then tells me he called everyone. Wait, why was I not the first one to know. Anyways Junior was born at 10:57 am weighing in at 10 lbs even, and 22 in long. BIG BOY!!!

Ryker oh Ryker, boy is that another story to tell. He was actually due on Dec 13 but being me and knowing how special a birthday is I wanted so bad to wait a few more days for him to come. The day started out very busy. Ryan had most of the day off. We went to juniors school to bring a birthday cake and sing Happy birthday to him. We had lunch with Ryan's co-workers and went shopping on our way to our scheduled doctors visit. Everything was normal, right on track, measuring a little big but that is to be expected having already had 2 large baby boys. She did a procedure on me called striping my membranes. I will not go into the gory details, so you can look that one up yourself. Anyways, it is suppose to help you go into labor. It definitely made me feel uncomfortable. The doctor also prescribed some sleeping pills for me since I was so miserable. We were in a Military hospital so the pharmacy was overwhelmed like always. So we ended up waiting on the pills for about 2 hours. Yeah long time. So we had to call a neighbor to get the older 2 kids off the bus. Riley had been with us throughout the day. She obliged and managed to get them. After getting the pills and dealing with the ridiculous 5:00 D.C traffic we got home in time to have birthday cake and open presents with Junior. I was really feeling crappy. The contractions were really tough but knowing my body I just knew the contractions would go away. I decided to get in the bath and try to relax. I called my mom while in the bath to tell her how the day was going and for her to talk to Jr. It was definitely a relaxing bath. I put my jammies on for the rest of the evening. We got the kids into bed and were just watching tv when I had to pee. I went to the bathroom and something popped. It felt funny. Then I started to shake uncontrollably, this is my body's way of reacting when I am in serious pain. Although I was not feeling pain just uncomfortable. I called my girlfriend to get a second opinion. She immediately started freaking out and telling us we had to get to the hospital immediately. So she helped me get warm clothes on and agreed to care for the kids again for the second time that day. Ryan and I headed to the hospital at about 8:45pm. Ryan drove about 80 mph missing our exit so we had to turn around and get back on the highway. I was not happy at all. Now on the way there, I start feeling lots of pressure and the baby is pushing further and further. I am screaming at Ryan that we are not gonna make it. He is trying to keep me calm. We get to the Emergency room and they wheel me up to maternity ward and I tell them he is coming this is baby #4 you better get me in a room now. by the time I get in and get changed and into bed and checked I am dilated to a 6 not bad. So I having never had an epidural decide sure lets do it everyone I have talked to had one so give me one. Ryan gets up to the room with all my stuff and his stuff and they are already starting the epi. I start feeling really bad, light headed, weak and while leaning over the edge of the bed and Ryan holding me something POPS, oh yeah water everywhere. Now I am telling the anesthesiologist to hurry, He is coming hurry, get it out, get it out. I am as still as I can be while he gets all the needles out that never had a chance to get any medicine. Finally he gets it out and I try to lay down and before my head hit the pillow and before any nurses were in the room out came little Ryker like a cork off a champagne bottle. He popped out right onto the bed. Oh yeah, there was nothing I could do. He was beautiful but his head was terribly bruised. We would learn later that this was due to the extreme speed of his arrival. So from the time we arrived in the ER to the time of birth was less than 45 minutes. WOAH, that was cutting it a little too close. So we had been debating about his name for weeks and had 2 names in mind but when I was wheeled into the room on the side of the bed was the word Stryker, that's it. That was Gods sign that Ryker was the name to be chosen. He arrived at 10 pm weighing in at 9 lbs and 22 inches long. Welcome baby Ryker. What a day.

So today our family just got 2 years older.


Taylors Make Four said...

wow, I thought our oldest was the only one who had the odd coincidence of having a sibling born on the same exact day, years apart. His oldest sister and him share the same exact birthday--a year apart, and it wasn't anything planned--hell, their "momma" didn't take good care of herself, let alone plan for any of her children. But, wow, reading about giving birth, pains me a little...sorry I would miss that experience.