Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hoya Saxa, Hoya Saxa

Last night The youth center Sports director called and asked if we wanted tickets to the Georgetown Hoyas basketball game. My answer, Absolutely. I love to do things like this. So we picked the tickets up this morning and prepared for our adventurous afternoon. After getting all the kids bundled up coats and gloves we climbed into the van. Got them buckled except Ryker. He is still in a 5-point car seat and since he had on his winter coat it would not buckle. So I had to loosen it several inches to get him in the seat comfortably. Once that was done we were off to Metro parking lot. We get out and make our way down the stairs inside the metro. I had to buy cards for the kids. Had an issue with the machine not giving me the right number of cards but got it solved and then it was time to go down the escalators to the platform. All the kids are really excited about going.

We get on the train and all the boys insist on standing. I manage to get them all to sit for a brief minute. We only had to go 4 stops so the ride was not that long. Getting off was fine until we needed to get up the escalators and then there was tons and tons of college students. It seemed like none of them had any manners either. The boys got stepped on several times by foul mouthed slightly intoxicated students. That was a little irritating. We got in and I had already had the "plan" talk at the house with the kids so they knew exactly what we were doing and when. We follow Moms plan and get up to our level and then visit the restroom.

Of course they all need to go. That is fine because they know once we are in our seats we are not getting up. We stop by the concession stand and get everyone some lunch. It worked out great. The kids got into their seats me in the middle with 2 on either side. Perfect!!! I worked from left to right in getting their coats off and re zipped and placed under their seats. It was like clockwork. That went smoothly and then passing out food went well. Nobody got upset, everyone was acting like well behaved young children. I was so pleased. The kids seemed to enjoy the game and action. They had hundreds of questions on what was happening and why? Who is that? What is he doing? Where is the ball? Which one is our goal? blah, blah, blah. It was such a treat to be able to explain those things to them. Riley won the most animated award though. He was screaming and hollering every time a goal was scored. It was so cute. Ryker got up a few times but insisted that he sit with "Bubba" or #2. I love it when they like to hold and sit with each other. That is so special to me. Alonzo Mourning, the NBA all-star was also at the game. He is Georgetown Alum and was signing books. All in all it was an awesome trip. Ryker only started crying when we were waiting for the metro home, because I was holding him and he wanted to stand on his own. There was just too many people for me to let him do that. He calmed down fairly quickly. Got home all in one piece with all 4 babies. Thanks Rico, we had a great time.