Monday, November 3, 2008

Medieval Times Haskins Style

Well this weekend was loaded with fun even our very own medieval castle. My friend and I decided awhile back that since our kids were born on the same day and same year and go to the same school that we would throw them a dual birthday party. I did this last year with Jr and Ryker so I thought I can do this no sweat. HAHAHAHA, I must've been dreamin.

After spending weeks and months working on this party Keyona and I finally decided where we would do it and what we would do.

Riley doing the limbo

MY HOUSE!!!! Oh yes all these kids are coming to my house. Man, I keep getting myself in these crazy situations. Although I love organized chaos having grown up that way at my meemaws house during summer and all holidays.

Over 30 kids in my living room, its a record

I decided to make the 2 cakes for the birthday kids. Lael wanted a castle and Riley got a Fire Breathing dragon. I scoured the Internet for weeks looking for helpful ideas and hints to make it just right.

The food table in my dining room

Keyona tells me about 2 weeks in advance that she has over 40 RSVP's. Holy Guacamole!!! Are you freaking kidding me. Oh yea!!! I love her oh so much but jiminey cricket. I managed to keep my composure and work through our issues, we are best friends so we can get through it.

Lael's Castle cake made by myself

So the party prep is done and keyona and her uncreative self leaves me to do the thinking and she just does the doing. It works out well for us. A good team I think. It was fun planning too. I wish sometimes I could plan parties without worrying about a budget. YUCK, that is the worst part.

Riley's Fire breathing Dragon I made as well

The party went off without a glitch. It was wonderful. Ryan stepped up to the plate a few times and keyona was her happy go lucky self and I just ran around like a headless chicken. HAHAHA

Riley and Lael running with Balloons between their legs

It was fun, we played a couple games, went to the park and played, jumped on the trampoline, chit-chatted with our friends and just enjoyed watching our babies bask in the attention.

Riley and Lael being sung to

ALL in all it was an awesome birthday party with lots of people and fun.

Thanks to everyone that helped out, attended, took pictures, fixed plates and everything else. I was very pleased with the turnout.


Keyona said...

I know, I know, I got carried away with the invites. Love you for doing this. You make me sound like such a character...guess I am. So when's our next party....