Sunday, November 2, 2008

Haskins Halloween

WOW, what a great day Halloween turned out to be. The kids got out of school early for some administration reason. Then we ate and planned what we would do that night. Then we got dressed in our costumes.

Every year I do a family theme. I do not believe in the ugly, haunted, scary or wicked costumes so we do a fun and light hearted theme. I make all the kids agree on a theme and we all go with it. It is so fun but something I dreamed of as a kid. So this year we choose Scooby Doo after about 6 different themes and costume ideas.

#1 Dafne, #2 Fred, #3 Shaggy and #4 Scooby Doo

We walked down to the Slip Inn and waited for the start of the Bolling AFB Halloween Parade. The parade is always fun because we get to see some of the creativity of others. I am very competitive so I like to get comments and be SEEN. Funny I know, but I like to be different and definitely stand out. Which we always do.

After the parade we went to the small carnival at the Youth Center. The kids always love to get little prizes and such. After playing games and chatting with some friends we made our way back home to eat a super quick dinner. I made Hotdogs. Lazy I know but they were fed.

Then it was trick or treating time. WHOO HOO!!! This is the best. I love to go to as many houses as possible. The trick that I have yet to figure out is keeping all 4 together. Anybody got any suggestions. Riley has to be first, Courtney has to get them all, Jr doesn't care and Ryker is just plain slow. Ryan insisted on taking Princess with us. She did good, but she is territorial and snaps at people she does not know or feels threatened by.

I always bring a DUMP bag along with me so that the kids' buckets do not get too heavy. It was funny because after every street they wanted to dump. WOW, I would have thought they would be a little more selfish than that but they agreed and actually kept asking to dump.

We set a 5 piece rule and they went nuts. WOW Mommy we did not get that many last year. Oh, am I that mean not to let them have a few pieces of candy. OH well, what can I say I gotta set limits but they did not get upset about it at all. It was ok MOM can we have our 5 pieces now. Yep and that was it.

After trick or treating we still had about 45 minutes before our time was up so we put the kids out in the front yard and let them hand out candy. It was hilarious watching them argue over who was gonna give the next kid candy. They had more fun handing it out I think than they did actually trick or treating. FUNNY HUH!!!

After that I had to come straight home and bake the cakes for Riley's party that would be on Sunday. I was making Lael a castle cake and Riley a fire breathing dragon.

So all in all Halloween was a success.


The Carneys said...

What a great idea! Your theme idea is such a good way to do something as a family and keep everything light. They looked so cute!!

Charisse said...

Aww...your babies were so cute. You sound like such a fun mom. And your babies look like they had a good deal of fun, also. I don't do Halloween but Lorelli's daddy does so she was a princess...typical 3 year old girl costume. And she got lots of candy. We don't really eat candy at our house so her daddy let her have one piece that night and a few pieces the next day.

Christy Lynn said...

I am so jealous, I wanna dress up like Daphne! Or even Velma if I had to...because let's face it, I'm prolly closer to Velma than Daphne anyway ;) Lee just doesn't want to do the dress-up thing for Halloween although I'd like to try it one year...looks like your kids had great fun with it!