Thursday, November 6, 2008

God's plan for us as Americans

So the last two days I have been searching for the proper words to say so that you understand my point of view on this election without becoming offended. I am a Christian woman that believes whole-heartedly that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Sometimes it might cross my mind why but never-the-less my higher power, Jesus Christ is always in control. This election is no different.

A few women in my circle have given me some words and I wanted to share them with you along with my own because I believe without a doubt that God is awesome. Thank you Claire and Thank you Tiffany and Pastor Steve

God is sovereign. President Elect Obama will soon be the United States' first black President. That is very nice for the black people but I feel this is not about race, gender, or party affiliation. We have witnessed history today and for that I am blessed to be a part of it. I am thankful that everyone stepped up and voice their opinion by voting. That is our civic duty and for that I am grateful. This is part of God's ultimate plan for us as Christians to dig deep, gain the courage and step out of our shells. Now is the time to profess our faith to him and share his love and unique ability to accept all peoples. Now is the time to stir up the embers of the revival. God says in Romans 13 ... The authorities that exist are appointed by God. This is important to understand once again that the Lord has a bigger plan. My life is not in the hands of any President but simply in the hands of God.

While I do not agree with many and most of Obama's issues and views I will trust in the lord and be a believer and follower of Christ. I have no reason to be scared, worried or upset with this new President because in the end I know I have been saved and that I will go to Heaven when the Lord descends on Judgement day. I will follow the rules of the law and do what is right but I will also follow the teachings of the bible in Galatians 3 and 1 Peter 2:18. I will pray for the President whoever it may be just as I pray for our current President. For his place as President is to be respected and deserves my support. I do not have to agree. The bible is clear on its instructions to all 1 Timothy 2 and Titus 3 gives us a path to follow.

Abortion I must say is the single most important issue that we have ever faced. Think it about carefully. Yes it is a woman's body and woman's right to choose to have a child but it it not her right to take a life away. That is called murder my friends. If someone can go to jail for murder for making a woman lose her unborn child or killing her and the unborn child why do we turn a blind eye to the woman herself. PETA would go absolutely ballistic if I was not a responsible pet owner, let my pet get pregnant and decide to abort those babies. That is why we have shelters.WOULD NOT FLY folks. What about those tree huggers that want to protect a piece of land for the animal habitat? They do not want animals killed but do nothing about all the babies being destroyed. This is preposterous. I stand for rights and freedoms but honey when you get pregnant it is your JOB to give birth but your right to give that child away, keep it for yourself or share it with others. I pray that President-elect will take careful consideration on this issue. I plead with you all that this be your stance. I understand a woman's desire to get rid of a child out of rape, drunkenness or pure stupidity but honey you do NOT have the right to murder. That is unacceptable. Be real with yourself and push through the embarrassment and hard days ahead. You will be grateful in the end.

I am not pushing my beliefs on you but I am simply stating my view on life. Now is time to stand up for Christ the bible says. Many believe that the end is nearing but we have been in this pattern for some time now refer to Luke 21:8 and 2 Timothy 3. We must rally together, support each other and be kind. Being a witness for him is the ultimate goal. No single person is promised another day in their life. The world could end tomorrow, next week, next year or hundreds of years from now. We will never know. But by being a follower you will know where you will ultimately end up.

If you do not have a bible you can look up these verses online or on a mobile phone as well. Going to know the lord is not hard but requires a few steps and those are simply this: know the lord, believe that Christ died and was resurrected, admit you are a sinner, ask him into your heart with complete forgiveness of your sins and live for the lord. Simple. You too can become a Christian and Christ follower. My hope for all my readers is that you become this one day and you are taken to the heavens when our time comes.

Please understand this is my own opinion and we are all entitled to one here in the USA. I hope you will not send any hate mail, nasty comments or anything harsh. I just want yall to know where I stand on this incredible day in history. Regardless of any opinion it is time for revival in us and the church. We should pray that God with accomplish this with whatever it takes and whoevers takes office.

In the end I will say this God Bless America, may we stand together and end affirmative action and gross racism. This is our chance to show the world that simply being a human is enough. No race, sex, or party affiliation denies our right to exist with all rights and freedoms.
God Bless each of you and I pray for your happiness, safety and well being today.


Taylors Make Four said...

Funny though, Barak isn't all African American. His mom is white. I think we might be jumping the gun saying "first black president." How about "first interracial president."

I agree with your thoughts though. Coming from someone who will never experience having a child the "normal" way.

Keyona said...

I am glad you are at peace with God and yourself. You a wonderful for staying true to your beliefs. Things will work out because God is on our side and in the end that's all that matters.

Love ya darlin'.

Kriss said...

I am a friend of Kellys and I clicked on her link. I really enjoyed reading this post especially as an adoptive mother. Thank you! -kriss