Monday, November 10, 2008

Constitution Courtney style

Today started off as a really good day. Ryan let me sleep in. Yes, can you believe it, he got everyone up, dressed and off to school with no help from wife. That was a feat in itself. Thanks Ryan. After doing SEVERAL loads of laundry for Ryan to have 2+ weeks worth of clean underwear on his next trip. We drove all over town stopping here and there doing errands Ryan needed done, or shall I say waited until the last minute to do. Did I mention how tiring running around town is. YUCK, I did not enjoy that at all but did enjoy having quality time with my husband. We never have the day to spend together without having 4 wild hooligans adding there own drama. We got back so Ryan could get packed. He leaves his Large suitcase and Bellbox(plastic box with wheels the same size as a large suitcase) in the middle of the living room floor. Hello, is that really the best place to leave it. Numbers #3 and 4 think they are the perfect stage or trampoline. OH yeah, we have flying babies all over the place from the overly stuffed luggage's. It is amazing nobody got hurt. Well Ryan has to leave and we all say good bye and off he goes til Thanksgiving. My girlfriend came over to keep us company and distract us from being sad, which is inevitable on these long trips, for all of us. When one baby cries I start crying which in turn has all of us crying. OHHH, vicious cycle. Usually takes a few days and we are all better. So Courtney wants to play with Lael, my friends 5 year old daughter. Courtney says Lael lets play Constitution.

I'm thinking what? maybe some game with states and capitols or something. But then she says it again. HUUUMMMM, what is she talking about. Keyona and I are looking at each other with eye brows raised both searching deep for this game she wants to play. After a few minutes it comes to me, yes, concentration. After telling her her mistake she says it again. OH MY WORD, sometimes kids are so stinking cute. Courtney honey, the game you play that you use cards and memorization is concentration not constitution. Oh well, at least she knows the word. HAHAHA, this should be an interesting couple of weeks.


The Carneys said...

That is so cute! I'm impressed that she even knows the word! Your house sounds like a zoo- you are great. If you ever need some girl time let me know and I'll come over to help keep you sane!!

Our Naquin Family said...

Tell Courtney that I want to play Constitution to.