Monday, November 17, 2008


I am fuming mad right now. I will not name any names but I have to vent here. If you do not want to read a woman's anger Stop NOW.

Someone had the audacity to question my parenting today. They questioned my housework along with the way I run MY house. REALLY?? ARE YOU KIDDING!!! Get the heck out of dodge, please! Where do you go thinking that I am not a good mom. Let me tell you something, I am a stay at home mother of 4 and a single mother most of the time. You will never know how it feels to be left alone for weeks upon weeks to do EVERYTHING by yourself. That is not just children and laundry. That includes cooking, paying bills, organizing homework, scheduling activities, being taxi driver, coach, friend and the list goes on. I will not put it all down here because I just know that you think it is all possible. You have a lot to learn about life. Well let me tell you something, I am NOT June Cleaver or Bree Hodge. I do not mind laundry in the hamper. It is not bothersome at all. I do not care if the living room is a little messy. I have learned that I can not do everything. In order to stay sane I have to pick and choose. Sorry I did not do it to your specifications. I was born Dusty and nobody else. I am not your mother and will never be. Do not even compare me to her. I hate it when yall do that. It makes me furious. I do things my way. You do not have to come here and it sounds like you won't and that is too bad for my 4 children but that is your choice. So Sad. I'm not crying. Oh was that a tear, OHHHHH it was a eyelash, HAHAHA. Listen I do the best I can with what I have. I never asked you to do anything. Not one thing. These are my children I will raise them my way and they will be productive, responsible, and respectful members of society that obey the law. Deal with it!!! They are loved more than anything and they know that. I would do anything for these amazing children. God gave them to me, not you. When you are given some, you raise them your way but until then back up. Sorry you feel laundry is a priority. Today and yesterday it was not and many other days it will not. No biggy. I am not concerned. Its too bad you are. It will get done when I am ready, until then it is not going anywhere. I'm glad you have learned something from all this. I could go into some really negative things about you but I won't cause that would be the truth.


Listen here, Don't disrespect me or my children. I live a beautiful life with a wonderful family. We are not perfect and never will be but we are all happy with our lives how they are. Maybe one day you will get one. I forgot I was the Mother and disciplinarian, not you. Please don't step on my toes. I do the ordering around. I do the bossing. You just sit back and have fun with the kids. That's why you are here right. You know I try to bend over backwards for people, especially when they visit. I take them places, entertain them and make sure they have everything they need. I make a child move out of THEIR room for you. Did you thank me? Have you ever thanked me? Don't talk about manners. My children know what manners are and when to use them. I use them. Too bad you have to criticize my every move. Glad you are willing to step up a little at your house. Housewives are not slaves, maids, or personal chefs. They are humans with feelings and needs. One day I hope you experience parenthood and relationships.

One thing you need to know, don't ever tell a parent how to parent their children. Nothing good comes from it. Suggestions might be ok if you use your words carefully and it was asked for. I will make sure that we never burden you or bother you again. Just be kind and do the same for us.

Sorry to all you loyal readers. I was livid. Seriously angry. To the point my own blood was boiling. I had to get that off my chest and I know you women will completely understand. Thanks for reading and supporting me. This is a touchy subject and I do not have to explain myself. I am me and that's it. I will not be sorry for that nor will I change because someone criticized me. Love me for me or get out. It is that simple. Thanks guys I am feeling much better now. Blessings


Keyona said...

I am sorry you had to experience that. I know first hand what a great mother you are (especially compared to me). It's most likely ignorance. Ignorance is the only thing that would make someone speak on something they have no knowledge or experience on. No mother is perfect but as long as your children love you and are happy you've done a good job. Good job Dusty and to all the other mothers out there!!

Our Naquin Family said...

Hmmmm--I am sorry you are so upset
:(. What I love and admire about you is that you can let things be--so that you have that moment with each child! You are great!! Oh, I like Bree (SMILE).

Taylors Make Four said...

Ouch. . . you know what I've learned. . . don't tell someone something until they've taken a walk around in your shoes. Not every child is the same and not every household is the same, that's what makes it unique!

I'm jealous that you can let things go. . .I cannot!

Worm's Woman said...

From all I read and see, you do a fabulous job!! I have yet to see a picture where your children don't look truely happy. And sounds like they are growing to be kind and caring people.
My husband has taught me that it only matters that I am happy with me! I still struggle to live up to others but am doing waaaay better. And sounds like you do much better than me.
Living and being with eachother is more imporant than making sure each piece of laundry is cleaned as soon as it hits the hamper.
Keep up the good work and know for each person that may question you, there are many, MANY more who agree with you and admire you.

Diamond said...

It's always amazing how folks with no kids always want to tell someone else how ro raise theirs.

Glad you released the stress this way. This person has no idea how lucky they are that you didn't say this ro their face!

Charisse said...

Hey hunny...I just wanted to say that I think you are a very strong woman. I am very proud of you for venting on here rather than finding your heaviest cast iron pan and whacking her(him?) upside the head Jumpin' Jack Flash style. :-)