Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mans Best Friend!!!

Tonight Ryan was working on his second to last day of homework while sitting on the couch. Princess, Our 7 year old Yorkshire terrier, was sitting with him. She has been with him or on his lap all day today. After I go to bed Ryan is in the bathroom downstairs clanging around. I hear the cabinet door opening and rattling and think nothing of it. Then I hear" Dusty come here, hurry." Usually that is Ryan just messing with me. So I say "What" and he yells back" I'm serious Come down here quick." So I run down stairs and go into the bathroom to find him standing there with his shirt under his chin. He looks freaked out. He is shaking. He says " I have a tick on my belly". I am thinking what? Then I look closely and sure enough, Ryan has an ugly wiggly black tick on his belly. So first thing I look up tick removal on the computer and call my Father in law, which is a large animal veterinarian, and ask what can we do to get this thing out? We get the tweezers and I am freaking out , more grossed out than anything and I try to pull it and it starts wiggling like a son of gun. YUCK!!!! Then Ryan is really getting impatient. He is shaking like the dickens too. I could tell he was scared, worried and nervous. So what does he do, take the tweezers from me and try it himself. This is not good. He pulls the tick, yep, you guessed it he got the body and left the head. OH Great, this is what I was trying to avoid in the first place. Lovely, well Dad says go to the doctor and get some antibiotics and watch for Lyme Disease. Ryan, he is just ignorant to these types of things and says screw it I am going to the ER. So he bags up the tick and off he goes. Yeah all this is happening after 11pm. Thank goodness it is Saturday night and not Sunday night. Well, I guess when he gets home he will wake me to tell me the prognosis. Say a little prayer for Ryan. He needs to be healthy. Pray that Lyme disease did not have time to infect him. Thanks Princess you are Ryan's best friend. Looks like she picked it up while we were out hunting for that perfect Christmas tree. Guess next time we will leave her home or bathe her when we get back. Until next time....................

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Last night while lying on the couch trying to fall asleep I lay thinking of the things I am thankful for. (I am sick and coughing, Ryan just got home so I did not want to wake him with my coughing fits so I chose the couch) So Here is a small list of the most important things I must be openly thankful to share.

1. Amazing Friends that always seem to be there when I need them, no matter what is happening in their own lives. From babysitting to pure company and everything in between, I am most grateful. Keyona, Carlota and Hilda, I love you ladies!!! Thanks for lending your ear to me on so many occasions. 3 wonderful blessings in my life. Hilda I miss you dearly!

2. My wonderful children. God gave me 4 smart, healthy, happy and pleasing children. I am so thankful for them. Everyday is a new adventure with them but it is always crazy. I am learning new things everyday. I love them dearly and am grateful to God for placing them in my life when he did. Man, it is awesome that his plan is always the right one at the right time.

3. My husband, he is the love of my life. I am grateful he puts up with me and my crazy opinions and strange behaviors. I cherish our time together. Although they are not always happy times at least they are times together. Thank you Ryan for taking a chance on me. I love you! Thanks God for putting Ryan in my life.

4. My extended family!! God has blessed my family greatly. We are all so healthy, no major diseases, syndromes or birth defects. In today's world that is very rare. I am very grateful to have not experienced any premature deaths in our family either. And this year we are adding much more family to this. I recently found out I have more paternal biological family out there. So for this I am equally thankful. I am thankful for your unconditional love and unshakable support. Thank you God for such a diverse, well rounded, dysfunctional and sometimes ridiculous crazy family of mine.

Too many pictures to post on this one.

5. Life!!! I am thankful for all the worldly possessions God has bestowed upon me. I hope I am a good steward of those things. Thank you for all the things in my life that make life much more exciting and busy and life itself. To be alive today is just so incredible.

6. And all the many special things that go along with life: my husbands job, my children's school and teachers, my business, the military, good doctors, and all the many, many people that have touched my life, if only for a brief moment at least they played a role in my life. I am so thankful for all of you.

God Bless each and everyone of you. I pray that everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Lets all stop and really think this year what we are thankful for. Lets all let go of the greed for one year. Get back to the basics of life. Be humble. Lets help someone less fortunate than us. Give them clothes, food, money, a ride to work, or something that you are good with. If we all do this then it will permeate in the world and we can get down to real life instead of all the "keeping up with the Jones'" behavior. Who really cares what car you drive or what kind of house you own. or how many houses you own. That's not important. We, people, are what's important. Make a lasting impression on someone else's life, make a true commitment to this and you will be so blessed.

On a lighter note here are some pictures and a video from Riley's Thanksgiving Feast at school on Friday. He is in Kindergarten and this is great for him and his understanding of life. It is so much fun to have the opportunity to see him grow and learn. I love you Riley!!!

Blessings to all

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hoya Saxa, Hoya Saxa

Last night The youth center Sports director called and asked if we wanted tickets to the Georgetown Hoyas basketball game. My answer, Absolutely. I love to do things like this. So we picked the tickets up this morning and prepared for our adventurous afternoon. After getting all the kids bundled up coats and gloves we climbed into the van. Got them buckled except Ryker. He is still in a 5-point car seat and since he had on his winter coat it would not buckle. So I had to loosen it several inches to get him in the seat comfortably. Once that was done we were off to Metro parking lot. We get out and make our way down the stairs inside the metro. I had to buy cards for the kids. Had an issue with the machine not giving me the right number of cards but got it solved and then it was time to go down the escalators to the platform. All the kids are really excited about going.

We get on the train and all the boys insist on standing. I manage to get them all to sit for a brief minute. We only had to go 4 stops so the ride was not that long. Getting off was fine until we needed to get up the escalators and then there was tons and tons of college students. It seemed like none of them had any manners either. The boys got stepped on several times by foul mouthed slightly intoxicated students. That was a little irritating. We got in and I had already had the "plan" talk at the house with the kids so they knew exactly what we were doing and when. We follow Moms plan and get up to our level and then visit the restroom.

Of course they all need to go. That is fine because they know once we are in our seats we are not getting up. We stop by the concession stand and get everyone some lunch. It worked out great. The kids got into their seats me in the middle with 2 on either side. Perfect!!! I worked from left to right in getting their coats off and re zipped and placed under their seats. It was like clockwork. That went smoothly and then passing out food went well. Nobody got upset, everyone was acting like well behaved young children. I was so pleased. The kids seemed to enjoy the game and action. They had hundreds of questions on what was happening and why? Who is that? What is he doing? Where is the ball? Which one is our goal? blah, blah, blah. It was such a treat to be able to explain those things to them. Riley won the most animated award though. He was screaming and hollering every time a goal was scored. It was so cute. Ryker got up a few times but insisted that he sit with "Bubba" or #2. I love it when they like to hold and sit with each other. That is so special to me. Alonzo Mourning, the NBA all-star was also at the game. He is Georgetown Alum and was signing books. All in all it was an awesome trip. Ryker only started crying when we were waiting for the metro home, because I was holding him and he wanted to stand on his own. There was just too many people for me to let him do that. He calmed down fairly quickly. Got home all in one piece with all 4 babies. Thanks Rico, we had a great time.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Grown UP? NOT

Tonight the kids and I crawled into my big king size bed and watched the movie Nims Island. It was a cute movie and they all sat so intently and watched it all the way through with no interruptions. There was a scene in the movie that caused a little heartache on my family. The little girl got very sad in the movie when she thought her Daddy had died. That scene was the breaking point for my 3 strong children. All 3 big kids got extremely upset and broke down in tears. OH, It is so hard for me to hold it together when my babies are crying. Thank goodness God gave us hugs. They came in handy tonight. I truly thought that they had grown out of the getting upset stage, but after thinking about it. I mean really thinking about it. Do we ever grow out of loneliness? We always miss our Daddy's. So my expectations for a tear free trip are blown, but at least I was right here to comfort them all and was able to calm them very quickly. They get used to Ryan traveling but I think these long trips start to take their toll on my precious sweeties. Daddy if you are out there reading, your babies miss you terribly and can not wait to see you again next week when you return. As for me, Mommy is keeping together with all the busyness and enjoys all the friendly phone calls.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Worst Week Ever

Have you seen that show on TV called Worst week ever. It shows celebrities having serious problems, normally jail time or arrests. I got to thinking last night as I lay in the bed wishing I were asleep about my worst week ever. I thought man I could blog this one. So prepare your mind for the worst week in Dusty's life or that she can remember.

Rewind back in time 3 years ago this week. Yes, late November 2005. I was 38 1/2 weeks pregnant with #4. We just moved to D.C. 3 months prior. Ryan would be on his very first trip away from home, Greensboro, N.C. So everything was up to me.

The kids had to be driven to school because Jr. was in Pre-K and they do not bus children until they are in Kindergarten.

The first day Ryan left he locked everything up and drove off. I had to take the kids to school the next morning. I went to get the mail and noticed my keys were gone. Oh Shoot!! I rummaged through the house trying frantically to find my keys since we have locked mail boxes, I must have the key and Ryan being Ryan took all his keys with him. After no luck finding my keys I run out to the van, which I normally leave unlocked. I lift the handle and try to open the door. Nope, it does not budge. So I run around the other side of the car to try the driver side door. Nope, it is locked too. I go into panic mode and try all the doors. Not one door is unlocked. I always leave the doors unlocked. Crap, I look in the window and sure enough their is my purse in the console with my long lost keys. ARE YOU KIDDING!!!! What am I going to do now? Since we live on a military installation we have base cops. So I call the LE Desk and ask to see if anyone can come break into the car with their little tools. A couple hours and 3 cops later and my car is still not unlocked. They tell me the guru does not come in till a certain time. I wait patiently for him to come unlock my car. He gets here in all his glory with his buddies. He tries and tries and tries. Nothing. He can not get into the van. The nice guru tells me I have to call a locksmith. CRAP!!! I would say you are not the Guru now. Now I have to pay money to get those stupid keys. I pull the phone book of the dusty shelf and find the locksmith section. I start from the top and start making calls. The first one tells me oh, we do not come on base. WHAT!!!! I give them the whole sob story about hubby away and me being 38 1/2 weeks pregnant.

He politely says sorry ma'am, can't do it. Well I end up having to do this more than 30 times. Oh yes, fortunately for me, locksmiths don't like to come on military installations because of the search and extreme security. This is grand. Here it is 7:30pm and still no keys. Finally phone call #38 and the man on the other end is extremely hesitant. I tell him how miserable I am, how many locksmiths I have talked to and my whole situation. He takes the bait. YEA, So it takes him over an hour to get here but he came. Thank goodness. He gets out walks around my van and then comes to the front door and asks me to come out. I walk around and he asks if those are the keys. In his mind I am going to lift the handle but I never did, long story short he unlocked the car door in less than 2 minutes. YES, Keys. Oh, now I have to pay him the 85 dollars. Crap there is only 80 dollars in the bank account. I'm thinking, please go through, please go through. Thankfully the credit card goes through. WHEW!!! off to get the kids to bed. Next morning I get the kids off to school, and get in the shower. I come down stairs to find Riley #3 in the kitchen swimming in Cheerios. OH yes!! The box was empty. It had to be the biggest cheerio box I ever bought too. The floor could not be seen, nothing but cheerios and mischievous boy. OHHHHHHH!!! Mommy not happy. I get it cleaned up and move on. The next day I wake up to take the kids to school and shower again. I come down stairs to this.

Yes Riley has taken the entire bottle of baby powder and decorated himself and the chair. This time I thought to get the camera. OH no!! This is not good. So I go get the vacuum to clean it all up and it won't turn on. WHAT, this is not happening. Thank God for neighbors. I run across the street to borrow the neighbors vacuum. Get all the powder cleaned out of my favorite chair, which takes quite a while. Return the vacuum and proceed to cry. This week is turning out to be miserable. But oh it's not over. The next day is Saturday so we all get to sleep in a little and relax, or so I thought. I wake up to Courtney yelling at the little boys. I run down stairs to find the 3 of them mixing and stirring flour and sugar in the middle of the dining room floor that is carpet and the easy bake oven plugged in with flour and sugar all over it. HOLY GUACEMOLE!!! They almost started a fire with their baking skills. So guess what, I have to go borrow the neighbors vacuum again. She must be thinking I am crazy or have OCD about a clean house. I explain to them how unsafe it is to use this thingy. I box it all up and put in the closet never to get it out again. I know you must be thinking what is she doing not watching these kids. I was watching but our house is 2 stories and all the bedrooms are upstairs. The kids get up at the crack of dawn so yea, they made another mess. WHEW!!!! So things are getting better as the day goes by. The next day I try to do some laundry. Put the clothes in the dryer and nope it does not spin. I try my best to figure out what is wrong. It is broken and I figure out the heating element is out. CRAP, no vacuum, no dryer and now our bank account is negative. God grant me the serenity................................. I call my mom who lives in Texas and tell her my story. She says she will buy me a new vacuum and dryer. Things I can not live without with almost 4 kids. Thank you so much Mom. So a few days without a vacuum and dryer. So payday comes and I am thrilled to get to go to the commissary. I check the account and find out my husband has somehow paid the van payment twice and paid the car payment twice. OMG. Please kill me now. Can it get any worse? Yes, it does. The next morning I wake up to Jr complaining that his cheek hurts. It is swollen, red and extremely sore. So I find another nieghbor and ask if she will watch the other 2 kids while I take him to the ER. We get to the ER and the nurse calls us back and looks at him and immediately starts calling tons of doctors. She says he has an infection in his cheek from one of his teeth. LOVELY, now we have to have a tooth pulled. I of course, can't go back with Jr because I am pregnant and all the x-rays are bad for baby. So he has to have it pulled all alone. I am feeling like the worst mother ever by this point. I am thinking Ryan can not get home soon enough. After being at the hospital for 6 hours and Jr less one tooth and all swollen from all the shots and meds we go back home and get the other 2 kids. One more day and Ryan should be home, I think I can make it. Please God do not let anything else happen. I am not sure I can take anything else. To my surprise nothing more goes down and Ryan makes it home safely. I have so much to tell him and have no idea where to begin. Let me remind you keys locked in car, cheerio kitchen, overdrawn bank acct, dead dryer, dead vacuum, powdered chair, tooth extraction, double car payments, Easy bake mess.
So as you can see I have been tested and rose to the challenge, unwillingly. What is your worst week ever? Did you make it through it? Lets see who out there in blog world has a WWE.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I am fuming mad right now. I will not name any names but I have to vent here. If you do not want to read a woman's anger Stop NOW.

Someone had the audacity to question my parenting today. They questioned my housework along with the way I run MY house. REALLY?? ARE YOU KIDDING!!! Get the heck out of dodge, please! Where do you go thinking that I am not a good mom. Let me tell you something, I am a stay at home mother of 4 and a single mother most of the time. You will never know how it feels to be left alone for weeks upon weeks to do EVERYTHING by yourself. That is not just children and laundry. That includes cooking, paying bills, organizing homework, scheduling activities, being taxi driver, coach, friend and the list goes on. I will not put it all down here because I just know that you think it is all possible. You have a lot to learn about life. Well let me tell you something, I am NOT June Cleaver or Bree Hodge. I do not mind laundry in the hamper. It is not bothersome at all. I do not care if the living room is a little messy. I have learned that I can not do everything. In order to stay sane I have to pick and choose. Sorry I did not do it to your specifications. I was born Dusty and nobody else. I am not your mother and will never be. Do not even compare me to her. I hate it when yall do that. It makes me furious. I do things my way. You do not have to come here and it sounds like you won't and that is too bad for my 4 children but that is your choice. So Sad. I'm not crying. Oh was that a tear, OHHHHH it was a eyelash, HAHAHA. Listen I do the best I can with what I have. I never asked you to do anything. Not one thing. These are my children I will raise them my way and they will be productive, responsible, and respectful members of society that obey the law. Deal with it!!! They are loved more than anything and they know that. I would do anything for these amazing children. God gave them to me, not you. When you are given some, you raise them your way but until then back up. Sorry you feel laundry is a priority. Today and yesterday it was not and many other days it will not. No biggy. I am not concerned. Its too bad you are. It will get done when I am ready, until then it is not going anywhere. I'm glad you have learned something from all this. I could go into some really negative things about you but I won't cause that would be the truth.


Listen here, Don't disrespect me or my children. I live a beautiful life with a wonderful family. We are not perfect and never will be but we are all happy with our lives how they are. Maybe one day you will get one. I forgot I was the Mother and disciplinarian, not you. Please don't step on my toes. I do the ordering around. I do the bossing. You just sit back and have fun with the kids. That's why you are here right. You know I try to bend over backwards for people, especially when they visit. I take them places, entertain them and make sure they have everything they need. I make a child move out of THEIR room for you. Did you thank me? Have you ever thanked me? Don't talk about manners. My children know what manners are and when to use them. I use them. Too bad you have to criticize my every move. Glad you are willing to step up a little at your house. Housewives are not slaves, maids, or personal chefs. They are humans with feelings and needs. One day I hope you experience parenthood and relationships.

One thing you need to know, don't ever tell a parent how to parent their children. Nothing good comes from it. Suggestions might be ok if you use your words carefully and it was asked for. I will make sure that we never burden you or bother you again. Just be kind and do the same for us.

Sorry to all you loyal readers. I was livid. Seriously angry. To the point my own blood was boiling. I had to get that off my chest and I know you women will completely understand. Thanks for reading and supporting me. This is a touchy subject and I do not have to explain myself. I am me and that's it. I will not be sorry for that nor will I change because someone criticized me. Love me for me or get out. It is that simple. Thanks guys I am feeling much better now. Blessings

3 dancing dolls

Sometimes we Haskins like to loosen the belt a little and shake it up. So I thought I would share my sweet three doing a little dance they call the Cha Cha Slide. Be sure to notice the left and Right movements and who is not going the correct way. Uncle Garin has been visiting and got a front row ticket to the show. Congratulations He thought we should share with you too. Sit back, relax and take in a good laugh.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Safety Patrol!!!

#1 and 2 are members of their school's safety patrol. Tomorrow they are having their annual induction ceremony for new members. I encourage the kids to get involved in activities in and out of school. Growing up, that is what made me try harder in school and I want them to feel the same. So I was volunteered to bring cupcakes. Don't you love it when that happens!!! Anyways, the kids love it when I do things with them and for them so I did. Here is what I came up with in 2 days notice.

Love you kiddos!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Constitution Courtney style

Today started off as a really good day. Ryan let me sleep in. Yes, can you believe it, he got everyone up, dressed and off to school with no help from wife. That was a feat in itself. Thanks Ryan. After doing SEVERAL loads of laundry for Ryan to have 2+ weeks worth of clean underwear on his next trip. We drove all over town stopping here and there doing errands Ryan needed done, or shall I say waited until the last minute to do. Did I mention how tiring running around town is. YUCK, I did not enjoy that at all but did enjoy having quality time with my husband. We never have the day to spend together without having 4 wild hooligans adding there own drama. We got back so Ryan could get packed. He leaves his Large suitcase and Bellbox(plastic box with wheels the same size as a large suitcase) in the middle of the living room floor. Hello, is that really the best place to leave it. Numbers #3 and 4 think they are the perfect stage or trampoline. OH yeah, we have flying babies all over the place from the overly stuffed luggage's. It is amazing nobody got hurt. Well Ryan has to leave and we all say good bye and off he goes til Thanksgiving. My girlfriend came over to keep us company and distract us from being sad, which is inevitable on these long trips, for all of us. When one baby cries I start crying which in turn has all of us crying. OHHH, vicious cycle. Usually takes a few days and we are all better. So Courtney wants to play with Lael, my friends 5 year old daughter. Courtney says Lael lets play Constitution.

I'm thinking what? maybe some game with states and capitols or something. But then she says it again. HUUUMMMM, what is she talking about. Keyona and I are looking at each other with eye brows raised both searching deep for this game she wants to play. After a few minutes it comes to me, yes, concentration. After telling her her mistake she says it again. OH MY WORD, sometimes kids are so stinking cute. Courtney honey, the game you play that you use cards and memorization is concentration not constitution. Oh well, at least she knows the word. HAHAHA, this should be an interesting couple of weeks.


This is a new idea I came up with while I was making dinner tonight. Lets see what everyones most embarrassing moment is. So if you are out there in blog world looking for something to tell well, wait no longer. Step right up you are the newest contestant to embarrass yourself again.

I will start off by setting the scene for you. We are living in Valdosta, GA back in 2003. Courtney is 3 and Junior is 1 1/2 year old. At this time Ryan is stationed at Moody AFB, GA, a small base inside a very small military town. The people there were wonderful. Nothing like the people of D.C. The mood was so calm and slow and everyone was just so appreciative of us military folk. I do miss it for those reasons. But being an enlisted military family our income is shabby to say the least. So we qualified for W.I.C, which is a federal program for Women and children under 5. The program pays for milk, eggs, juice, peanut butter, cereal and cheese. It is awesome for us families who struggle from pay check to pay check just to make ends meet without any extras. So I have to go to the WIC office which is in a not so good part of town and take the kids with me because I have not baby sitter. Remember we were/are poor. So the schedule is you go in at either 9 am or 12pm and wait for your name to be called. Sadly you could sit in the white walled room filled with chairs, tons of of women and too many to count crying babies. You might see a woman without any kids with a large pregnant belly but those are slim. There are no toys so you have to make sure to bring toys for your kids to stay busy that awful 2-3 hours. Food and drinks are prohibited. Yes, so you are picturing it correctly just an unbearable situation for any human. Now, the people in the room on this particular day are ALL black. I am the only, I repeat only white girl in the room. This does not bother me because some of the neatest people I have become friends with over the years have been black. So as we sit there me with my huge protruding pregnant belly and 2 small children we start talking. Just you everyday conversation, who's that?, what's her name?, Mommy can we leave?, I'm hungry?, yada, yada, yada. I field the question as they come, no problem, that is my job right. Now mind you my Courtney is very quiet, shy, reserved and rolls with the punches and seldomly gets angry or argumentative. Nevertheless here we are and Courtney asks in her most loud voice I have ever heard, drowning out all others in the room, she says " Momma, When are we gonna find out the color of our baby.?" OMG, I am turning pink in complete and udder shock. I think I said ummmm about 100 times. I quietly tried to tell her NO Courtney we know what color our baby is we are going to find out the KIND or Sex of our baby on whatever day it was. Let me tell you, every woman in that room was staring evilly at me. They must have been thinking I wonder who she been sleepin with. OH LAWD, I never wanted to crawl under a rock more than that moment. The moment my name was called we ran and literally ran out of there as fast as we could. I bet that room bust up laughing the second I walked out. OH the things our children will say. Courtney I love you dear but this takes the cake. So what is your finest moment?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Leaves a plenty

If any of you can remember when you were a kid and the great time that was had when fall came around. I do!! I know some people dreaded raking the leaves. Personally I loved it. I would make a big huge pile and run as fast as I could and jump usually hurting myself but the rush I got from doing it was well worth it for the little knee scrap or bruised shin. What fun!!! So I went and took Ryker downtown DC Yesterday to see the fall colors at the Capitol. On our way home we rode past this tree that had all its leaves on the ground beneath it and I went back to my happy place. My childhood. Yes, we are gonna go to that tree after the big kids get home from school. So I gathered the rake, the camera, and the sleeping baby and off we went. Here are a few pictures of our fun.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

God's plan for us as Americans

So the last two days I have been searching for the proper words to say so that you understand my point of view on this election without becoming offended. I am a Christian woman that believes whole-heartedly that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Sometimes it might cross my mind why but never-the-less my higher power, Jesus Christ is always in control. This election is no different.

A few women in my circle have given me some words and I wanted to share them with you along with my own because I believe without a doubt that God is awesome. Thank you Claire and Thank you Tiffany and Pastor Steve

God is sovereign. President Elect Obama will soon be the United States' first black President. That is very nice for the black people but I feel this is not about race, gender, or party affiliation. We have witnessed history today and for that I am blessed to be a part of it. I am thankful that everyone stepped up and voice their opinion by voting. That is our civic duty and for that I am grateful. This is part of God's ultimate plan for us as Christians to dig deep, gain the courage and step out of our shells. Now is the time to profess our faith to him and share his love and unique ability to accept all peoples. Now is the time to stir up the embers of the revival. God says in Romans 13 ... The authorities that exist are appointed by God. This is important to understand once again that the Lord has a bigger plan. My life is not in the hands of any President but simply in the hands of God.

While I do not agree with many and most of Obama's issues and views I will trust in the lord and be a believer and follower of Christ. I have no reason to be scared, worried or upset with this new President because in the end I know I have been saved and that I will go to Heaven when the Lord descends on Judgement day. I will follow the rules of the law and do what is right but I will also follow the teachings of the bible in Galatians 3 and 1 Peter 2:18. I will pray for the President whoever it may be just as I pray for our current President. For his place as President is to be respected and deserves my support. I do not have to agree. The bible is clear on its instructions to all 1 Timothy 2 and Titus 3 gives us a path to follow.

Abortion I must say is the single most important issue that we have ever faced. Think it about carefully. Yes it is a woman's body and woman's right to choose to have a child but it it not her right to take a life away. That is called murder my friends. If someone can go to jail for murder for making a woman lose her unborn child or killing her and the unborn child why do we turn a blind eye to the woman herself. PETA would go absolutely ballistic if I was not a responsible pet owner, let my pet get pregnant and decide to abort those babies. That is why we have shelters.WOULD NOT FLY folks. What about those tree huggers that want to protect a piece of land for the animal habitat? They do not want animals killed but do nothing about all the babies being destroyed. This is preposterous. I stand for rights and freedoms but honey when you get pregnant it is your JOB to give birth but your right to give that child away, keep it for yourself or share it with others. I pray that President-elect will take careful consideration on this issue. I plead with you all that this be your stance. I understand a woman's desire to get rid of a child out of rape, drunkenness or pure stupidity but honey you do NOT have the right to murder. That is unacceptable. Be real with yourself and push through the embarrassment and hard days ahead. You will be grateful in the end.

I am not pushing my beliefs on you but I am simply stating my view on life. Now is time to stand up for Christ the bible says. Many believe that the end is nearing but we have been in this pattern for some time now refer to Luke 21:8 and 2 Timothy 3. We must rally together, support each other and be kind. Being a witness for him is the ultimate goal. No single person is promised another day in their life. The world could end tomorrow, next week, next year or hundreds of years from now. We will never know. But by being a follower you will know where you will ultimately end up.

If you do not have a bible you can look up these verses online or on a mobile phone as well. Going to know the lord is not hard but requires a few steps and those are simply this: know the lord, believe that Christ died and was resurrected, admit you are a sinner, ask him into your heart with complete forgiveness of your sins and live for the lord. Simple. You too can become a Christian and Christ follower. My hope for all my readers is that you become this one day and you are taken to the heavens when our time comes.

Please understand this is my own opinion and we are all entitled to one here in the USA. I hope you will not send any hate mail, nasty comments or anything harsh. I just want yall to know where I stand on this incredible day in history. Regardless of any opinion it is time for revival in us and the church. We should pray that God with accomplish this with whatever it takes and whoevers takes office.

In the end I will say this God Bless America, may we stand together and end affirmative action and gross racism. This is our chance to show the world that simply being a human is enough. No race, sex, or party affiliation denies our right to exist with all rights and freedoms.
God Bless each of you and I pray for your happiness, safety and well being today.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Daddy that's.....

Ryan was sitting on the couch last night with the laptop on his lap. He was reading a bit of news before starting the dreaded homework. Ryker crawls up next to him and leans over to see the screen. He sits for a few minutes and then starts talking about this and that and then out of the blue he says "Daddy Thats Rock Obama". He is 2!!! Ryan asks me where he knows that from, I just smilied and said the good ole TV advertisements. He did not know who John McCain was but in every ad on the computer he knew Rock Obama. MAN, they get smarter by the day. OH Ryker you are hysterical. That's my bit of voting news today.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Medieval Times Haskins Style

Well this weekend was loaded with fun even our very own medieval castle. My friend and I decided awhile back that since our kids were born on the same day and same year and go to the same school that we would throw them a dual birthday party. I did this last year with Jr and Ryker so I thought I can do this no sweat. HAHAHAHA, I must've been dreamin.

After spending weeks and months working on this party Keyona and I finally decided where we would do it and what we would do.

Riley doing the limbo

MY HOUSE!!!! Oh yes all these kids are coming to my house. Man, I keep getting myself in these crazy situations. Although I love organized chaos having grown up that way at my meemaws house during summer and all holidays.

Over 30 kids in my living room, its a record

I decided to make the 2 cakes for the birthday kids. Lael wanted a castle and Riley got a Fire Breathing dragon. I scoured the Internet for weeks looking for helpful ideas and hints to make it just right.

The food table in my dining room

Keyona tells me about 2 weeks in advance that she has over 40 RSVP's. Holy Guacamole!!! Are you freaking kidding me. Oh yea!!! I love her oh so much but jiminey cricket. I managed to keep my composure and work through our issues, we are best friends so we can get through it.

Lael's Castle cake made by myself

So the party prep is done and keyona and her uncreative self leaves me to do the thinking and she just does the doing. It works out well for us. A good team I think. It was fun planning too. I wish sometimes I could plan parties without worrying about a budget. YUCK, that is the worst part.

Riley's Fire breathing Dragon I made as well

The party went off without a glitch. It was wonderful. Ryan stepped up to the plate a few times and keyona was her happy go lucky self and I just ran around like a headless chicken. HAHAHA

Riley and Lael running with Balloons between their legs

It was fun, we played a couple games, went to the park and played, jumped on the trampoline, chit-chatted with our friends and just enjoyed watching our babies bask in the attention.

Riley and Lael being sung to

ALL in all it was an awesome birthday party with lots of people and fun.

Thanks to everyone that helped out, attended, took pictures, fixed plates and everything else. I was very pleased with the turnout.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Haskins Halloween

WOW, what a great day Halloween turned out to be. The kids got out of school early for some administration reason. Then we ate and planned what we would do that night. Then we got dressed in our costumes.

Every year I do a family theme. I do not believe in the ugly, haunted, scary or wicked costumes so we do a fun and light hearted theme. I make all the kids agree on a theme and we all go with it. It is so fun but something I dreamed of as a kid. So this year we choose Scooby Doo after about 6 different themes and costume ideas.

#1 Dafne, #2 Fred, #3 Shaggy and #4 Scooby Doo

We walked down to the Slip Inn and waited for the start of the Bolling AFB Halloween Parade. The parade is always fun because we get to see some of the creativity of others. I am very competitive so I like to get comments and be SEEN. Funny I know, but I like to be different and definitely stand out. Which we always do.

After the parade we went to the small carnival at the Youth Center. The kids always love to get little prizes and such. After playing games and chatting with some friends we made our way back home to eat a super quick dinner. I made Hotdogs. Lazy I know but they were fed.

Then it was trick or treating time. WHOO HOO!!! This is the best. I love to go to as many houses as possible. The trick that I have yet to figure out is keeping all 4 together. Anybody got any suggestions. Riley has to be first, Courtney has to get them all, Jr doesn't care and Ryker is just plain slow. Ryan insisted on taking Princess with us. She did good, but she is territorial and snaps at people she does not know or feels threatened by.

I always bring a DUMP bag along with me so that the kids' buckets do not get too heavy. It was funny because after every street they wanted to dump. WOW, I would have thought they would be a little more selfish than that but they agreed and actually kept asking to dump.

We set a 5 piece rule and they went nuts. WOW Mommy we did not get that many last year. Oh, am I that mean not to let them have a few pieces of candy. OH well, what can I say I gotta set limits but they did not get upset about it at all. It was ok MOM can we have our 5 pieces now. Yep and that was it.

After trick or treating we still had about 45 minutes before our time was up so we put the kids out in the front yard and let them hand out candy. It was hilarious watching them argue over who was gonna give the next kid candy. They had more fun handing it out I think than they did actually trick or treating. FUNNY HUH!!!

After that I had to come straight home and bake the cakes for Riley's party that would be on Sunday. I was making Lael a castle cake and Riley a fire breathing dragon.

So all in all Halloween was a success.